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turn it up so you can hear them screaming. (blackxtounge) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 15:13:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:god called in sick today [afi.]

    and every day i've been thinking about half the things you say.
    well last night i don't remember what happened so yeah. then so far today i went to crack-head skool and then me and rach hungout and did the el homework.
    but i was just thinking (as somehow i always am.) about stuff..
    just like what everyting is coming to. why everything ends up the way it does. somethings you knoe, it's weird.. people say that "oh i hate it here." or like "this sucks and shit like that." but does it really such that bad or are you just thinking that? are you the one that's making it out to be that bad. i really think that's the case for some people. i hate the people who are like 'oh yeah i tryed to kill myself this one time...' like i think that's the stupidist thing to say unless you want help. you're just craving attention. and most people say that shit and they lie. they like cut themselves with like a paper clip, lol, as far as i knoe that's not been put down as attemted suicide. and just shit like 'oh i love animals and i want my children to be able to see mother nature for what it really is...' when there chopming down on a burger and they have fucking bear rugs and fur coats. personally. i think all that's wrong. i'm a vegitarian. and for the classic reason - i really do love animals. but oh well that's just me. and i always seem to make craig feel bad when we go to mcdonalds or something, lol sorry. but anways. i was also thinking about pot. i need to stop, i'm such a retarded burnout. but oh well. OH you knoe what's stupid. war. yeah that's pretty dumb. we kill so many fucking people (not that i care who dies because we humans just love you kill off those animals now don't we?) and it's for stupid shit like ahh you called me a penis-wrinkle. or oh no yer cutting down my magical trees so now i have to blow up yer most famous landmark and bomb all of yer sears towers. gay. well anyways.. now i'm kinda sitting here in an okay mood cause yeah, wow i'm bored. okay mood gone.. bordum has fucking taking over. well i'm going to go now cause i've only told you half of the thoughts and i'm not in a typing mood right now anymore..

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