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turn it up so you can hear them screaming. (blackxtounge) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 22:07:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:the kilburn high [flogging molly.]

    breathing the air that silenced some.
    well today was started off okay and got a lot better. well i had to wake up at fucking 9 o'clock, when it's the one weekday off from summer skool, i have to wake up at 9 to baby sit. so the dad drops off james and kelley at 9 and he comes back at like 11 or 12 or whatever. and then like 3 hours later he stops by again when craig was here and there was james with my watch. that little bastard got my clepto gene in him and deiced to grab it while i wasn't looking.
    craig came over at 2:30 and we went to the diner.. and i asked for a goddamm ashtray and guess what. there's no more fucking smoking in diners anymore.. bullshit. yeah so while we were at the diner me and craig blew like 5 dollars on songs :-D and i seemed to put craig trough hell when i played 2 alice in chains songs.. poor craig, he's so deprived when it comes to bands and music.. so then after the diner we went back home and took fire out.. hah, he scratched him all up and stuff. and then since craig has bad luck with bearded dragons and shitting. lol. fire shit on him and craig flipped and shit. hahah. it was so fucking gross. but anyways we got that cleaned up. i can't remember what we did after that.. oh yeah!!! we made browniessss. they were good. then we played scrabbel. hahah. fofo. haha. then nopw it's like 10 and he just left. :( but i have to go with the dad tomorroe and craig has orientation for his fucking job [bastard.] tomorroe morning. okay well yeah.. 'night.

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