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turn it up so you can hear them screaming. (blackxtounge) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 00:27:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:what's left of the flag [flogging molly.]

    i detached myself again..
    today.. well last night me and tom where up watching the goonies (funny funny movie) and talking and stuff.. and then we didn't get to sleep untill like 3 or something. so then in the morning i had to wake up at like 10 to 7. take a quickest shower in world history, and get to skool. (oh well that wasn't too much fun at all). so like, skool sucked. what else can i say about it.. when i got home me and tom were hanging out and walking around, went to like funtazia and some other places.. then went back home..

    because today like everyother fucking day, the weather was disgusting.

    i learned some new stuff yesterday and today, oh what fufillment. and like i don't knoe, everything seems to be fitting into place but incorectly. (yeah well i knoe what i'm talking about.) and it's weird. finally brittany seems to be happy. :) so yeah, i have skool again tomorroe, and i need a cigerette. but i have to quit cause i'm going to die. oh well. so yeah, night.

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