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turn it up so you can hear them screaming. (blackxtounge) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 21:31:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:the way his collar falls[saves the day]

    integrity and honesty will preveal tonight.
    *sighs*.. today is one that i needed.. craig came over at like 3 and stuff.. and we just like hung out and laughed..a lot. with the fishie game and all that fucking snapple, lol. and then pizza and the fake lost dog. oh yeah and all the impresonations of being on heroin and pot and being drunk, hah.. oh no spazing convoltion!! ahh a coma!! oh no i can't remember!! hah. ahh i'm drinking anothor snapple now. omg. blah. could i pee anymore today? yes i prolly could. :P.. only 499 tops more hah.

    [me]"craig do you really think that i'm that stupid." [craig] *laughs* "no yer just dumb.....and retarded."

    omg. and the poor birdie.. my dog [zoey] deiced to eat [well not really eat..
    she distroys them and leaves them for me to bury] another bird. the 3rd in the pst 2 weeks.. but the thing that makes me mad is that i have 2 birds. and i'm just waiting to come home and find like hades on the floor, dead. well i didn't want to bury the poor dead bird right away.. nor throw it out.. so i put it in a mickey mouse soap box. but i refused to break it's leg so there's little claw sticking out of the box, hah.. and then i took a picture an now it's on my front stoop. i think i have convinced myself that maybe the other birds will see the claw sticking out and then be like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fly away.. it's the evil zoey, she's going to eat us! oh no! but i highly doubt that, cause seeing how fucking stupid my birds are i think just more birds will come.. but oh well.. okay now i'm going to do laundry. yay!.. no.

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i remember taht day
2003-07-26 21:41 (link)
i remember taht day...its me (craig for all the retards) and this journal entry made me laugh...we drank so many snapple that it was unbeleivable...and yes...hey! my toes are numb...just like the other entry i do do...the evil fisshie game...ahh its evil...i made a new word just now..."evuk" {it means and it means kuve} muahahahhah im going to watch t.v. now...bye bey bey bey eby bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bvye bye bye bye.....i did all of that with out :-D...bye bye...

ohh and R.I.P. to all of the little bird sthat zoey eats...Ohh Myy Pope! She's dun it again!!

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Re: i remember taht day
2003-07-27 17:43 (link)
jesus christ craig guess what zoey got when we were kinda away for the day\night.. ANOTHER BIRDIE!!! but this one's neck was snapped and pushed to the back, yeah. i picked him up [i'm assuming it was a him.. and if it was zoey prolly ate it's penis].. and just put him in the flowers.. camaflouge!! only the birdie it's a flower and zoey'll prolly just get the bird again anyway.. but oh well.. ahh craig you knoe what.. yeah that's what i thought. okay yeah..

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Re: i remember taht day
2003-07-29 21:13 (link)
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...ohhh noooo not the penis...ohh well....

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Re: i remember taht day
2003-08-03 17:23 (link)
guess who i hate?



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