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Food Glorious Food!! (blacktragedy) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 19:57:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:the exploited- fuck a mod

    last week was very un-eventful.. went to school.. went to the doctor, i might have a fractured knee-cap, i need to get x-rays.. umm.. thanksgiving happened.. went to the desert on friday.. came back sunday.. now im sick.. i dont feel good.. but we're playing volleyball in PE.. im an *expert* at that game.. been playing since the 5th grade baby. lol. umm.. found out angie has had a fish named freddy since september.. didnt know about that.. umm.. yeah. becca is sick and hasnt been to school lately.. umm.. im bored? i dont knwo what to write..

    i want a boyfriend <3

    <3333 Mandy

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2003-12-02 18:04 (link)
unevetful?? my GOLLY mandy it was ACTION PACKED!! remember how we went to that show.. and we got so drunk that we decided to get matching tattoos and then we got laid by those two hawt guys and the next day we woke up in sum weird apt and we found out that we got robbed and our lives were screwed until we found out your uncle is rich and will let us live off of his money.. or amybe that was ajust a movie..i dunno.. but im bored so toooodle lu


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