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* My Heart Is Bleedin * (blacktearz14) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 17:59:00
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    Current mood: bored

    ah i've been workin out side all week n monday 2 eek!! it sucks then yesterday after skewl of workin out side i had 2 go 2 taco bell 2 work i was tired but it was an ok day!! ... yup 2day is my moms b-day n i took her n my dad 2 breakfast n i wanted 2 take them out 4 dinner but its cold n they didnt want me 2 spend money so w.e .. yah roger is supposed 2 come over but idk if he is cuz his @ kyles house n thats goin 2 take a long time 4 him 2 leave then 2 come hea i can already tell my mom is goin 2 tell him not 2 come cuz he is goin 2 come lata once again then he gets mad @ me like its my fault!! oh help me .... 1 yr is almost hea only 2 weeks 2 go!! yup yup~~ i cant believe i made it i tho i couldnt do it put i did my best cuz i love him n i dont want 2 lose him eva!!! ah 2morw i have nothin 2 do mayb i can hang out wit carrie we will see!! i work 2morw tho 11-5 goin 2 try 2 work a lil bit more n if i take the car .. then i might go 2 halmark 2 look @ some cards 2 see if i see anythin cute 4 roger!! idk we will see if i can drive the car 2 work i wouldnt see why not!! uhmmm.. Oh ya n whitneys supposed 2 take a pic of me heheh!!! well g2g bye bye!!

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