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Astrid (blacksail) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 16:53:00
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    When All Else failed
    Hey kids.
    I have now been at Cassie's Grandma's house since 10:30 AM. We are getting very very bored because her mom wont get home. Once she gets home i am going to the pool with her and the coalation. (Our coalation consisting of Ben, Austin, Me and Cassie). But knowning the time her mom was supposed to be home (3:30) and what time it is currently (4:57), we are only gunna get there by the time i have to go. But Im gunna see Ben (:-D :-D) and Austin tomorrow when they come over. Oh well, i shall live...maybe Cassie can spend the night and keep me company in my prison of complete and utter bordom.
    I have been here because first of all, Cassie is by far the radest l, and secondly, my grandparents are up in northerm Virginia to find out some info about a sail boat or something of tht sort that my grandpa wants. I refused to drive 3 hours up and back jsut to looka t a boat for 2 hours in a small town away from everything.
    We're so bored we are being subjected to watching a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie :-/. Its kind of strange what you will do to make yourselves not fall dead asleep. Its actually really funny considering how fake and programed the movie is. haha. Anywho. Im going to go now. I will write some more later, this amount just wont cut it.

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