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A lover you don't have to love (blackheartloner) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 17:15:00
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    I hurt: the ones i love.
    I love: the ones that have made me who i am today.
    I hate: it when i don't know when to shut my mouth.
    I cry: when i let my mind stray to the places where it shouldn't go.
    I fear: too many things.
    I hope: to live unashamedly and be content with what i have.
    I sadden: when i think of lost chances.
    I feel alone: even when i'm not.
    I kill: the urge to run into heavy traffic.
    I talk: when i feel so inclined.
    I listen: when i am spoken to. (sometimes)
    I break: in your pain.
    I see: insecurities.
    I smell: cigarettes.
    I taste: your words.
    I work: sporadically.
    I remember: you.
    I hold: onto the past.
    I hide: my face.
    I pray: not so often anymore.
    I walk: not knowing where the next step will take me.
    I drive: people away. [sometimes]
    I read: that look in your eyes.
    I burn: to know what love is.
    I breathe: whenever i'm alive.
    I play: with the notion of eternity.
    I miss: the sound of your voice and the comfort of your smile.
    I touch: but don't look.
    I learn: from others' mistakes.
    I feel: pretty damn uncertain.
    I know: very little.
    I said: don't let go.
    I dream: the impossible.
    I have: all that i need.
    I want: you to know that i miss you.
    I fall: over things thrown in my path.
    I wait: for answers that never come.
    I need: you tell me that it will be alright.
    I live: for the possible outcome.
    I die: everytime i wake.

    this isn't my results.. these are somebody else's. but god, they're everything i feel right now.

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