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thrift store sweater (blackheartcore) wrote,
@ 2004-01-20 00:35:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:"panic" the smiths

    sometimes my arms bend back
    Ok... so.. No more LiveJournal for me, too many people know the link and I'm tired of worrying about who is going to read it, so hello blurty. I called Rick this morning.. he wasn't very talkative seeing as he was the dark lord in his star wars game.. or something along those lines. I miss him when he's not around.. I'm so gay. I made him something tonight.. I'm gonna send it out as soon as I can. It took me so long to finish it, so I hope he likes it, it might be one of the cutest things I have ever made for a boy. So yea.. I can't wait until he gets out here next month. I think I'm a lot more excited about it than he is, but that's ok. I really like him. So Jamie is spending the night and she's still upset about Scott. They just weren't meant to be together but she doesn't see that because she wanted someone so badly. I wish I could take that feeling away from her. Alas, I cannot. Cleaned my room tonight.. first time in months. Looks semi liveable now. Gotta get up early and clean the bathroom seeing as they're doing inspections.. ridiculous, they just did inspections a few months ago. We pay to live here why do they have to come snooping around. Oh well maybe they can fix my toilet seat. I dropped the radio on it a couple months back and the seat broke, so now when you sit down to go to the fucking bathroom it pinches your ass, anyone that comes over and uses my bathroom has a scab on their ass and yes, it hurts when it pinches your delicate ass cheeks. So I've felt a little bad/upset lately. Seems like whenever Rick comes into a chatroom with me there is always someone that knows me, or has something against me and it always turns to sex.. he said today that it doesn't bother him.. but it seems like it does when we're talking online and I feel bad if he believes half the things that are said because it would kill me to have him think less of me when I'm still the same person. Haven't touched drugs in a few weeks.. I'm trying to get a job and I suppose passing a piss test would be ideal. I need to do my nails, they're horrible... Maybe when I wake up. I'm lame so I think I'll call Rick in the morning again from Jamie's cell... I hope he doesn't get bothered with me. Alisha called me for the first time in months today.. just to shoot the breeze and inform of all this drama that I really don't care about but will still listen too and laugh about. Called Shawn to try and hook up one of jamies friend with some herb.. in which he called me shady.. which means now I have to do all my dealing through Dan.. and he's just creepy. Whatever.. I better get something out of hooking people up all the time... like an 8ball. Yea.. that would be great, but that won't happen. I need to marry a drug lord and run off to some island and live happily ever after.. where I will OD and just not care. Ah yes.. Romeo and Juliet + Lots of money + Lots of drugs + Deserted island to have nasty sex on all the time. Ideal I tell you... Ideal.. more later <33


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