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__take my breath away... (juss_m3) wrote in bj_makeover,
@ 2003-07-08 22:06:00
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    Hi ! i was wondernq if u can makeover my journal? mainly mah bg and I already have the Picture i want. Also, if you can only have the enteries move. not the bg.

    Entry Style:I want it to go in the center of the layout to fit tha picture. i will send it to you.when u qet back to meh if u
    Screen Size: I want it to cover the whole screen.(which it does)
    Font/Text: Arial, and I want the font to be white.
    Comment Links: In order to post a comment, I want it to say, " Fuckinq Love Eminem". And when you post a comment, I want it to say, for instance, "(2) Fuckinq Love Eminem". And in the middle, can you put a little star like the ones i have now. Thanks.
    Link Effects: When you click on a link, I want it to strike through it.
    Cursor: I want a cross, just like a little plus sign (+).
    Other: At the bottom of the screen, can you have it say in a cursive, fancy type of font, "Cindy Love's Eminem Forever" On the lower bottom part of the layout in tha color that i have already in tha picture.

    Well, thanks. I hope you don't think this is a complicated request or anything. It's just that I'm pretty specific in what I want. sorry to buq u at ur email addy lol buh Thank you. If you need to contact me. My email addy is I'll give you my password so you can apply the layout when you contact me. Just for privacy reasons. Thanks again! Holla back! Haha!

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Requesting layout
2003-07-15 13:41 (link)
Hey i was just wondering if someone cud do sum small layout changes nothing major.

Where the Post Are Located: To The Right of the screen
Post A Comment : Breakfast Order
Font : 10 point Comic Sans
Icon : Cooler Invader Zim Icon

Thanks it wud be really cool if sum1 wud help. email me for the things u need.

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