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Deryck Whibley (bizzyd_sum41) wrote,
@ 2003-04-22 17:59:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    how come im pissed off all the time. im only happy when im having sex. or when im preforming. things r messed up. i dont know what to do. sara is the devil. she caused all of this. i mean i dont want to b mad at cone but he says that he wants to like b w/ sara even though i thought we said we will both get over her. i need to. im talking to this gurl named lauren on the internet. she doesn't believe that im me but she keeps saying im hot. which i cant complain. she lives in flordia. lucky. i wish i was there now. newhere but here. i want to go out and party. i haven't done that in awhile. i had no time. mayb ill have sex. yes that will get me happy. or horny but hey dont those two go together? i dont think dave has ne clue what is going on. lucky. stevo prob knows if not he's out in the blue. god y am i still on my lazy ass writing in here? i turned into cone. like no fun. me and stevo use2 party like every city we been in but like mayb the last time was a week or two ago. im calling him once i get off. it will be soon. i need stevo, beer, and sex and i'll b fine. but not all of those 3 at once. lmao. im not bi. is stevo? oh well we're still friends unless if he hates me.

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2003-04-22 19:20 (link)
GRRRR FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant keep this in anymore. GROW UP DERYCK! just grow up. im trying to get over her. its not so easy. when u loved smeone for 5 fucking years. i dont think it will tak one fucking day to get over them. GOD DERYCK JUST GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. JUST CASUE I LOVE HER DOESNT MEAN I HATE U YOU. I WANT TO BE FRIENDS. yes dave does know whats going on. yes stevo is bi, how can u not know that? he talked to uthe other day. FUCK!!!!

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2003-04-23 18:30 (link)
ok im sry. pms. just when i see sara im sad and i dont know y. u can b with her if u want bc i cant control u or ur life. im just so fucking confused...... like i said b 4 i need some time to think. thats y i went to another hotel today and yes im staying here for the day. im confused so im thinking about stuff. more is going on then u know but i cant say what. mayb later

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2003-04-23 19:20 (link)
thats fine, u dont have to tell me all thats wrong. i just hope someday soon u will and im sorry too. for blowing up and other things. i understand everyhting deryck i went through it also. its hard and fucked up

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2003-04-28 09:33 (link)
hey.. are u really deryck?! becaue i know your tour manager.. jeff... in fact.. he hooked me up with tickets and backstage passes to your DC show on March 9th at the 9:30 club... yeah... im the 13 year old girl *LoL* but dont worry.. ill turn 14 on july 16th!! haha.. yeah so if you forgot my name.. its Caitlin.. and if this isnt deryck.. then whoever is doing this reallllllllllly has no life and the only reasonn why im here is beause im skiping school (im sick :-P) just for today -.-;; yeah so reply to me! ill read it.... n i think u should get an Xanga site... heres the url... go there n write in my *ChaTTy BoXiE* haha.. ok well i guess ill go now.. dont forget to chck out the url! thanks n i asked my aunt to ask jack whos friends with jeff about coming up to canada some time over the summer (i know it sounds confusing lol) but yeah.. hopefully i'll see you there?? thanks soo much!
xoxo - caiti

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Re: hey
2003-04-29 18:08 (link)
no this isnt ral, why would we have the disclaimer if it was? and yes we have no life...

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2003-04-28 09:55 (link)
woops.. i mesed up the username for my deadjournal.. here it is...

u find some stuff about the concert LoL!

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