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Bryan (biturbo23) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 09:36:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:"Slow Motion" by Mest

    Yesterday I went over Dave's house to play guitar, it was fun we finally made up our own song, now all that's left is to make some lyrics, so that was kool. Then I went over 2 Allison's house, and we reflected on music trip memories for a few hours then got some dinner and then I came home. Yea Im not feelin too great so Im out.

    SONG OF THE DAY:"It's slow motion, ya got me trapped inside this world, it's slow motion, will somebody please press play? It's slow motion, slow motion. I'm so bored with life, it is because I wanted you to be my wife. And now she's gone again, I wonder if she'll ever be my girlfriend again. I think "what can I do now?" Sittin by my kitchen table wondering how. One second your life can be filled with so much emotion, ya got me trapped inside this world. It's slow motion, ya got me trapped inside this world, slow motion, will somebody please press play? I wake up out of bed, I feel like the walking dead. I take off my pants and wash my face. I'm safe again in the plase I love to be. The unconscious world is the best world of all, with no real worries or fears at all. So once again something hits me in the eye, its the morning sun. And its bringing me back to the place I dont want to be."
    -"Slow Motion" by Mest

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