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Biobecca (biobecca) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 22:43:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:The Offspring

    Shattered Dreams
    Love sucks. I want someone to hold. I know my last entry talked about just wanting to screw, but love is way more important. Love is so powerful. It's frightening. If someone loves you, the power you have over them is enormous. Love is not a game. It's is something real and wonderful. It makes you want to hug puppies and smell flowers. As much as every one denies it they at the very least subconscienously want love. They want to fall in love and have the white picket fence adn teh kids and the puppy or cat. Some people want a carreer as well. The people that want and have it all sacrifice so much to have it all. Give and take is how love lasts. I hope that some day I meet a man that creates with me the perfect balance. I want to love him so completely even his little quirks. I want to think they are cute and not annoying. I want to light up when he walks through the door. I just want to be so perfectly in love that every day is Heaven on eath while I am away from my Heavenly Father, if I'm lucky enough to be with him in the afterlife.

    god you dumbass.

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