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Billy (billypalooza) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 12:49:00
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    Billy for Mayor: you should see him drunk.
    Billy for Mayor: i thought i was wild
    Billy for Mayor: he was calling this priest a nincompoop one night and trying to seduce his wife
    Billy for Mayor: he told her that she was "well bred"
    Billy for Mayor: this was in some tiny town in tx of like 5,000 people
    Billy for Mayor: i was so drunk that night that i passed out standing up and dropped my drink onto the floor and it shattered and john, after just nearly getting all of our asses kicked, turned to me and gave me this disgusted look and shook his head and told me to "grow up" as he disappeared into the night.
    Billy for Mayor: we didn't see him until we were getting back to the hotel late that night and some shiny red sports car with a young woman driving screeched up and let him out.
    Matt Broderick: hhahahaha
    Billy for Mayor: that was the night he fell asleep with his hotel room door open
    Billy for Mayor: WIDE open
    Billy for Mayor: and it was one of those hotels with the door that opens to the exterior
    Billy for Mayor: the maid found his cell phone in the ice machine
    Billy for Mayor: what a night

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