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Billy Martin (billydmartin27) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 04:46:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:nothing at all

    Hey everyone...Whats going on?Its billy. Its kinda weird to think I actaully got a journal right? yeah i know. Its around 5 in the morning and I cant sleep. Were on our way to Houston,TX for out next show. As everyone should know.. Linzi and I broke up. and id have to say im happy. All she did was bring me down.. heh. Ive been doing a lot of thinking lately. Its so crazy how all this has happened so quickly. Lauren's on tour with us so thats makes me happy. I get lonely when were on the road for so long. Shes so awesome to be with. she's a beautiful person. I should have been with her the whole time not linzi. She keeps calling my cell and asking me for second chances. But its not going to happen. I tried telling her im with lauren now. All she says is "Well i'll make sure that changes," and shit like that. I feel a lot for lauren now. A lot more than i did for linzi. Linzi is such a bitch and Lauren isnt like that at all. shes really sweet and what not. I sorta feel like were meant for each other. Well i dont have much more to say so im going go to bed... I got someone waiting for me heh. Ill try to update tommorrow. Peace be the journey-Billy
    ps:I love ya lauren...

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2003-11-08 23:49 (link)
dayum! you move on quickly. :D lol just playin.
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2004-12-18 14:44 (link)
One question, Billy. Who the HELL is lauren?

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2005-01-11 18:29 (link)
I wanna Know who lauren is too Billy!

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