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Kitty (billycskitty) wrote,
@ 2004-05-28 20:34:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:singing my own song

    I am here being bored and making a blurty!!! I saw this girl today and she was hot, my guy friend said I should have asked her for her number but I am such a chicken. I am never going to find a girl this way. Oh and I even keep thinking about my ex. Why did he have to break up with me, I feel like I've been fouled. I want to call him but I don't want to seem desperate. Anyways he's supposed to be a millionare now or something. His grandfather died and left him money. I don't care for that shit anyways. I really did like him ok. Soon I will be going to college, probably far from here, even though I don't really want to leave here. I am not going to mess up when I am in college anyways, maybe just mess around with girls a lot and party a litttllleeeee. I love animals so I am going to study to be a Vet. or Vet. Asst. There is like only one school here that has that program, shit man. Oh well, I am gonna go, will come back later, girls leave a comment if you have one for tips to getting a girl, thanks.

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