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Billy Chong (billychong) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 11:37:00
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    Hey I think I'm getting better. Seriously. Being sick sucks, but man, when you wake up after several crappy days and the sky seems clear and things seem wonderful, well, its the best feeling ever. I forget if I mentioned this, but I saw Adaptation. It's a pretty good movie. And those of you who know I usually hate Nick Cage (for Captain Coreli's Mandolin "why a you so a mad-duh?", ConAir "Give me muh bunn-eh", and various other crap he's made), this movie won my respect for him--sort of. Ok, to be honest, his character was actually pretty annoying. Seriously, if I had to watch any more of his self loathing...anyways, Meryl Streeps character was the one that stole the movie. But I'm not going to ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it. But it was a good movie and I recommend seeing it. The only people whom I've talked to that didn't like it were dumbasses, so there you have it. Go see the movie.
    I found out the other day that the neighbors call me the loud girl who is always cold. Hey, I'm not the one blasting Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard four times a day. And I'm not always cold (ok, I am--I should see the doctor about that), I just like to have it at a constant toasty 80 degrees. Who doesn't? It's conducive to my pantlessness. Any colder and I'll have to go put some on.

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