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Billy Chong (billychong) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 11:44:00
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    Current mood:tired but satisfied
    Current music:plea for peace (most recent volume)

    my birthday!
    Man, I'm so tired today. But this weekend was awsome. The weather didn't stop me from having the best 21st birthday ever. Apparently I was incredibly giggly and happy, but who wouldnt have been? Not only do I get to go dancing, drinking, and party, but I got to see a lot of my best friends. It was a joyous night for all. I also apparently met this guy named Mike that worked at Music cafe. I have been reminded several times that he said he'd quit his job for me. I also was hitting on like 4 girls I met at the bar. They liked it or were so drunk they liked it. I dont remember hitting on them, but apparently I kept saying they were very cute and they kept saying I was cute and I kept rubbing their legs etc. Man. Then I danced with a 40 year old trombone player that was married. I didn't know he was 40 and married. He looked like he was 25. Oh well, it was just a dance. I was hugging and kissing everything apparently. Whoo. It was some night baby. I only wish Mario and Jill were there. I even got Max to dress up. We all had our first Long Island Ice Tea. I also had a buttery nipple. It was very good! I never thought Id like anything named nipple. Who knew? Ah, now I can't wait to go home. Dollar sake night with Frankie and Lindsey! I cant' wait. Dancing at club lowe! haha, we are so going to whore ourselves up tonight!

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