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Billy Chong (billychong) wrote,
@ 2003-11-08 12:34:00
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    Man, I did my laundry today. 3 loads! I'm a dirty dirty girl. Of course the only reason I did it was because I ran out of underwear. Normally, I would say screw underwear, cuz seriously, its just one more layer between me and you baby. But its cold up here! and you can't go commando in jeans. It's just wrong. I saw The Pianist yesturday in my sickbed (you wouldn't think that much snot could come out of such a little body). Adrian Brody was kinda hot in it. But...that may just be my weird sick almost compulsive obsession with Jews. Why is that? It IS kind of weird. I also saw Nightmare before Christmas. It was pretty good. I really liked how the did Jack Skellington's animation-especially his facial expressions. I think visually claymation is kind of archaeic but its a lot of work and I have to give it to the animators, they are talented. THere is this really old movie made by Tim Burton called Frankenweenie also on the disc. I saw that in 7th grade. I can't believe I watched it again. Curiousity got me and I wasted about half an hour watching a movie that taught kids hey, if a loved one dies, just reanimate them. I'm sure there was some kind of irony or satire but I missed it all drugged up on Tussin. Bon Voyage!

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