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Kelly Gadberry (billyanddomsluv) wrote,
@ 2004-04-03 01:33:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:"He's A Pirate" ~ POTC soundtrack

    checking in!!
    Well it has been one crazy week between working and everything. I have been working a lot and when not working, always something else going on.

    Anyway...when I got paid on Friday, I went and did some shopping on Sunday and found the coolest thing. It was LOTR playing cards and on all of the cards was pictures of different characters in LOTR. I was so happy. They are so awesome, plus I bought the Arwen doll, which now I have Frodo, Aragorn and Arwen!! I bought Aragog, the spider from Harry Potter, a toy for my son. He just fell in love with that thing. Well then on Tuesday, we went and saw Scooby Doo 2 again because my son just loves that movie!!!

    On Wednesday night, my ex and I went and saw The Passion Of The Christ and for anyone that has not seen it, that is one of the best movies ever!! It is a great movie to go watch. I was just in awe and very emmotional the whole movie!!

    Then today we went and saw Walking Tall with The Rock and Johnny Knoxville and that movie is so funny!! The Rock and Johnny were just so funny and awesome together!! A good movie!!

    Tomorrow I am taking my son to see a kids movie. It is free, they have the Spring Matinees and they get in free. Everyone does, so I am taking him.

    Monday for sure I am going to finally go and see Hidalgo. My plans got screwed up yesterday, Thursday because my stepdad needed the car when I was going to go and see it. Oh well, Monday at the latest for sure!!

    Hope everyone is doing good and see everyone on messenger that has me on there!! I am on them all the time, AOL, MSN, yahoo and ICQ!! Kisses all!!

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2004-04-05 12:44 (link)
LOL, I can truly understand why you bought the LOTR doll, having one myself. :) But Arwen??? I think she's a bit of an eh... sissy? Anyway, does Arwen!doll do anything special? My Gandalf!doll has a wand that lights up in the dark! (Pretty cool, once you get past the "What the..?" fase.)

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Re: Arwen?
2004-04-17 01:46 (link)
I don't know if she really does anything special, but it was the only one they had left that I didn't have. I also have a Frodo and Aragorn one!! Just wanted another one and that was the one they had that I didn't have!! LOL

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