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Bill Dawg (billdawg85) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 18:42:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:"Wynona's Big Brown Beaver" - Primus

    Running the Gauntlet
    Ahhh, today is my day off this week. Since Monday, I've been dealing with the feverish paced perils that come with the office rat job description. Yeah, I'm an office rat, as I've been since June of 2002. But you know what? The money is great, and the flexiblity of my hours kicks serious ass. I was damn lucky to get into this when I did... not many other teens get this kind of money with their first jobs.

    But anyway, as I was saying, it's only Wednesday and works been crazy already. They released some houses for sale, so they have geezers filing in through the front door like lemmings lining up for a cliff-dive. The place fills up with at least 40 old people at the busy hours. What the hell do I do during all this? I make brochures (its got all the house info inside), replace the ever-depleting water bottles in the cooler, re-fill the mint dishes (It's fucking insane how many mints these bastards eat!), among other mindless yet taxing jobs. On these kind of days, it's hard to be an office rat. But hey, like I said before, it pays off. I have to work tomarrow and Friday... but I got a movie date with Michelle on that same Friday, so I got something to look forward to. WOO-SA!

    That's about it for now... can't think... I want to eat my no-name brand Spaghetti- Os with meatballs in peace.


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2003-11-22 01:08 (link)
i like mints... LOL ^.^; alli can think of to write.. tiered.. it's.. ::Thinks:: ::looks to smallc orner and thinks:: it's onlya 1;07 AM.. -.-

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