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Bilbo Baggins Of The Shire (bilbo_baggins) wrote,
@ 2003-03-10 17:20:00
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2003-06-14 12:49 (link)
Yep, Old Toby is the only thing that helps my crippling depression. I wish they would sell it over the counter, so I won’t need to grow my own, boohoo. L

And yes, Tom Bombadil is a complete nutt. I wonder what HE smokes…

Anyway, wait a minute… Doth my eyes deceive me??? You’re not interested in your own nephew? All the other hobbits are there. Why, Bilbo, why? Are you mad at me? What have I done wrong?

Add me quick, or I’ll throw a fit! You remember the fits I threw when I was in my tweens? They were not a pretty picture. I was a very spoiled little child, you know better than anyone. Remember the day I smashed all your dishes when you would not buy me a pony for my 21st birthday, the one with the white star on her forehead, because I already had too many other ponies? lol. That was so funny. I can’t believe I did all that for a pony. I was an idiot.

I’m just kidding. :P Me, the old goofball.

But I will throw a fit.

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