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Chelsea (bikinicrew224) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 16:38:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:katie and ryans laughter

    field hockey pre
    today I went to Field Hockey pre usual. i hitched a ride home with my sister since my brother took the car. My sister..she'll be a senior this year has a friend named Melissa well we call Lissa. Well Kate knew her before, but I was friends with her more through fh, even tho shes older than me. She used to come over my house all the time with tyhe girls and just hang out... but now she totally ditched it all All of a sudden. when she made it to varsity last year, and started winning all these awards for like best student etc. my sis was like omg hey lissa! i love my sister and all but shes totally like taken lis away. katies like one of those people that fills the room with all her care and loudness. there having a end of the summer party at my house tonight...they put up paper lanterns and stuff and got a huge stereo from lissas place. my parents are on there anniversary week away from home. and my sister and her group are big party people. so like i invited people to my place tonight. we like to party too so it'll be cool.

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2003-08-28 18:00 (link)
Yea!!! A party sounds really fun. I love parties.
Anywho have a wonderful day!
Your friend

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2003-08-29 17:25 (link)
ya the party was a LOT of was the day before my last day of pre season though so i was soo tired. i was practically dragging my fh stick the whole time...LOL

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My subject
2012-01-24 10:54 (link)
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