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Chelsea (bikinicrew224) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 13:43:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:norah jones--come away with me

    me n' jack
    jack came over to discuss our breakup and i wanted it to go ok. i wish everything could go back to what it was before. fuck i messed up so much..jack means so much to me, hes my best guy friend and also my now ex was so bad we went up to my room to have some quiet to talk and i ended up keeping back all my tears and it ended up like a game of tug of war. its like i was begging to have him come back. i feel so helpless stupid and like weak. i'm sitting here with my cell phone in one hand waiting for someone to call me, and in the other i have a tissue because i'm like a living waterfall....ikfjkln.asfckl

    <3 chels
    comment me up

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2003-08-19 17:42 (link)
Hey Chelsea it's Ashley...I'm sorry about your boyfriend. I know how that feels :(...I was like a living waterfall too. LOL! That was funny. The question that you asked about me being a junior. No I'm a sophmore. Yeah. It sucks so bad. Anyways I'm going to add you because you seem really sweet.
Your friend

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hey girl!
2003-08-20 11:58 (link)
thanks for the note hun. It sound like u rock too!, yeah breaking up is but i gotta get over it, ya know. i guess thats just how life is sometimes xo
<3! chels

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