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J e s s i c a a < 3 (biggiesize) wrote,
@ 2005-09-10 03:10:00
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    long time no talk
    Well. I haven't been on here in a while. I'm guess I'm addicted to myspace. So what's new my fellow blurty readers and updaters? Haha. Nothing really new here.

    Classes start Monday ::sigh::. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Yeah.

    Oh wait. I have to post about the other night at my house...

    Well, the other night at my house was quite....peculiar, I guess you could say. First Mags and I ride our bikes half way across the island to Eltingville, and made a few pit stops along the way. Then we were just hanging out when Vito told Ally and Krista to come to my house with him. So we were just chillen when I decided to say to Mags...Flip Cup? So we played flip cup for a little while with Tropicana Fruit Punch, Water, Coke, and in Ally's case and mine...Diet Peach Snapple (Yuck). So then we decided...BEER PONG! So then we played that and things began to get out of hand. We all got overly hyper and Ally and I decided to make a Pee Club, and pee behind my pool. So then we ran and jumped around in the grass when I got an idea lets take pictures of the pee club and then dunk me in the pool. So then Ally was gonna dunk...So then everyone was. So some how we all ended up going in the pool...fully clothed. Well at least at first. So after swimming and joking around...Ally gets this bright idea...Skinny Dipping. At first we were just like...UMM no. But then eventually the shorts came off. And then for everyone else so did the underwear...shirts...and bras. When instead I stood there with my eyes tighty, and yelling YOU GUYS ARE CONTAMINATING MY POOL. They also peed in my pool and I had to shock my pool 4 times the next day. Oh man. I don't feel like typing more about that now. The funny thing is, was that we were completely sober. LoL.

    Oh man. I'm done. I just finished watching Beauty and the Beast, and now I'm out. Night.

    <3 Jessicaa

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2005-09-10 06:30 (link) -- It's not your grandma's fettuccini.

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