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J e s s i c a a < 3 (biggiesize) wrote,
@ 2005-02-13 11:39:00
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    hey guys nothings really up. friday was the farrell dance. for the most part it sucked the big johnson cuz krista and i were alone. but then it got better when i was with elias and vee. then it got even better when i met matt. hes really nice, cute, and he has piercings <333. hes so sweet. so i got his s/n and its all good.

    saturday came home from kristas and krista and i made music videos and shizz, then mags came and helped but then she had to leave to go with marielle and then she came back. ally came too! ally and i dressed like fools for the most part lol. and we ran around outside and shit lol. it was fun. then we went to johnnys where we...slept. lol. fun fun fun.

    sunday im here and the cleaning wants to come in here but i dont really want her too. lol. so im just gonna sit here lol.

    loverr you....jessicaaa*

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