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The BibleApologist (bibleapologist) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 07:25:00
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    When A Dose of Life Wakes You Up
    What do you do?

    When Trials come where do you turn?

    Where is the answer found when you dont understand?

    All of these questions are simple when you go to the right source. In a mass-driven technology age where answers to even some of the most outrageous questions can be solved on the internet, I promise friend, answers to life's questions and Godliness the internet does not house. It is amazing to me that when people come under harsh circumstances how quickly they will turn to things they know, people they know, books they are referred to. Yet, how many times do we under those hard times do we choose to turn to God?

    As believers in Christ Jesus and His perfecting work in our lives, I still find myself on occassion consulting the resources of this world. The resources of the finite. The resources of those who are bound for destruction.

    It is easy to make opinions about war. About the war in Iraq. Of course, new books and movies will be developed which capture our attention and draw us to the conclusion of the writer/director. Some will bring out the immense death, families ripped apart, financial inflations, and yet in the midst of war, when is it appropriate to turn to the Lord?

    My brother-in-law has been called and he is on alert. His engineering unit is preparing to go to Iraq. My wife is scared, my mother-in-law is filled with worry, his wife is regretting ever asking him to sign up when his time was fulfilled just for an extra pay check, and here I am sorting through emotion, opinion, circumstance, consequence, and a just God.

    I think of God's Word as He instructs concerning the last days. I think of how there will be wars and rumors of wars. I think of our president and the choices he is making. And I think "What in the world is going on?"

    My feelings I have not expressed, my opinion I have not shared. I have been less interested in sharing my opinion lately. See opinions develope and opinions change. Over the years more people have recanted opinons than those who have recanted belief. Opinions develope based on what is before the eye and is a humans approach at making sense of the unknown. Taking what is seen and forming a conclusion on what is not. I can listen to television, listen to reporters, read the paper, and still I am only getting part of the story. Is that what I desire to rest in? It has been said you made your bed lay in it This is a bed I do not wish to lay in.


    I will trust in the Lord my God, in His righteousness, holiness, sanctifying work, His justice, His Majesty, His Immutable Immovable, Unchanging Nature, His Power which is above all else, His presence which emcompasses the Universe, His care and love which tells us He is not willing that ANY should perish and in the midst of all that goes on around me I will cling to the one I know is not moving with the winds of this world, is not set to destroy me in war, who is above every other name, who is filled with all that is good, all that is right, all that is lovely, who will nere let sin into His presence, who is molding me into what He wills. I will rest in Truth. Absolute Truth.

    I will not be swayed by rumors, I will not be moved by mass-opinion, I will not allow the words of the false to penetrate my heart and allow seeds of despair to rise, I will be satisfied in God's justice because He knows what is best, satisfied with His chastisement for it molds me into form, I will rest in His peace, trusting in His return not in the circumstances which bring it to pass. I am a soldier, I am a warrior my armor is on my front, I was nere meant to turn around. With the sword of His Truth I will press on through life, and allow His truth to be my light in a land consumed by darkness. I have nothing to fear, No one to fear, For when I am weak The Lord my God is strong!


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Thank you
2003-11-10 22:04 (link)
thank you for sharing that with me. It has been awhile since you posted. I am glad you got on today. MUH ~B

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