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The BibleApologist (bibleapologist) wrote,
@ 2003-04-22 22:29:00
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    Bearing Fruit In Season
    Expelling some false Christian Doctrine in my spare time!

    Ok. I am still listening to the same song by the man of Folk... Bebo Norman. If you dont know his music, you are missing out! It is filled with Biblical Truth and just some transparancy of Christian Character that you may never see anywhere else.

    Anyway, so I was writing this nice little outline of Psalm I in class during a break. Sometimes I just cant get it out of my head. Onto the paper it goes. Where I have regurgitated it back to share with others at least three times today. It is amazing how God does that. In that I want to really take a look at something for a minute. How many of the people that read my Blurty have ever had someone in church confront them on their fruit. How many of you are leaders that bring this before your teens, or those under you? Here is something to consider...

    In looking at Psalm I some interesting wording is used. Some of that wording is farmers language. I want you to take a look at what the Bible says concerning someone who is blessed of God... The Bible says that he will bear fruit... when? In Season.

    I am sorry, but I have been in church for years and I have never heard this preached. I have never heard someone add to their Blessings message that i am not going to be blessed right away, but in season. I have always heard that if I do what I should I would be blessed, but I always looked right away around me for the blessing. If only I had known the precious truth of this text, I would have grown up additional years so much quicker.

    Here it is in plain English. Those who are godly, it can be said sow their righteous deeds. However, they are like a tree. It oculd be said its like planting seasons. A season is spent sowing. As a believer we have our seasons of planting, and then we wait for the harvest. This is in righteous deeds too. We sow our righteous deeds, we spend time in the word, pray, we are watchful of our sin and keep short accounts. You know what, God promises for this individual a reaping blessing. There is gonna be a steadfast spirit(you will be like a tree firmly planted), you will bear fruit IN SEASON, our leaf will not wither and everything we do will prosper! What a promise!

    However, some of us sit on the other end. Some of do not spend time during our sowing season reading the word, we do not pray, we head ungodly counsel (not founded on the word), we partipate in sin, and do not keep short accounts of sin, struggling every day with growing bitterness, and a resentment that we freely dispense on all around us. You know, the bible considers this just as much a sowing principle my friend. The Bible says that this person will also reap something. God is not mocked. When we sow, we reap. What we plant will spring forth. Here it is for those that are disobedient or sow unrighteousness here is what you have to look forward to in reaping season: You will not stand in the day of Judgement, you will not be in the congregation of the righteous, and you will perish. However, you know what else, you do not receive the blessings of the godly therefore you are not given a steadfast or firm life(nothing seems to go right), your leaf withers and fruit just doesnt seem to bear in season (because all of your soil was spent in sowing unrighteousness!), and nothing you do will prosper. Financial difficulties may not be a product of poor choices immediately in your past but a product of faulty decissions stretched out over a period of time, or from something a while ago.

    There is hope. There is hope to young people who are standing there thinking that it is not worth it. Nothing is going right. Nothing appears to be working out in your life. Your girlfriend is pregnant. You had sex and you said you would wait until marriage, now it doesnt matter you screwed up. To those stuck in the bondage of drugs or alcohol there is hope. The bible tells us that we reap what we sow. If we are reaping in this season our past choices and sowing. Lets start fresh today! Start sowing righteousness. Head what the word says in the first few verses. Start sowing righteousness! You know what you may not see immediate results, but we were never promised immediate results, thats what people wanna see. God promises that if you are serious and you reap the Truth you will be blessed in season. Hold on to the promises of Scripture!

    ~The Apologist

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Inspiring Entry
2003-04-23 09:11 (link)
Isn't humbling that as apologists we can still be surprised by how direct and eye opening the Word is?

Great entry... that will preach my friend.

Hs. Eternal Learner

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