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The BibleApologist (bibleapologist) wrote,
@ 2003-04-22 22:04:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Bebo Norman- Myself When I Am Real

    Psalm I Contrasted with the Sow Reap Principle
       Today I was sitting in my Culture, Race & The Church class and my mind drifted to the book of Psalms. I couldn't help but outline the Chapter and think of a devotional/message to share. If you teach bible studies you are welcome to take this material and share it as is, or twist it to fit what you happen to lead...It is all for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ and the furtherance of the gospel!

    The Sowing
    Blessed is the man who:
       -does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly
       -nor standeth in the way of sinners
       -nor sitteth in the seat of scoffers
       -in His Law doth he meditate day and night

    Cursed is the man who:
       - walks in the counsel of the wicked
       - stands in the way of sinners
       - sits in the seat of the scornful
       - the ungodly does not meditate in the Law of the Lord

    The Reaping
    Of the Godly:
       -He Shall Be Like A Tree Planted By The River
        Brings Forth Fruit In Season
        Leaf Does Not Wither
        Everything He does Shall Prosper
        He Does Not Perish

    Of the Ungodly:
       -He Shall Be Like The Chaff Which The Wind Drives Away
        Shall Not Stand In The Judgement
        Shall Not Be In The Congregations Of The Righteous
        The Ungodly Shall Perish

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