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Ashlie (bi_ash) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 23:27:00
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    Well yeah, I was suppose to get one female degu, well now I have three males. Went to the pet store and one was severely beaten up by his pregnant mother and they said we could have him free and the other two for 20$ for both, so three degus for 20$ only...but yeah, good thing I bought everything except a ball for them, which is 15.99 and I didn't want to buy it, so for my birthday Jeff and Christa are getting me it.
    But yeah, they are so intergetic except for the hurt one, that my Baby Alexander, so now I guess I have to scratch the name Abbie and name the two boys!
    One is docile, and the other is a trouble maker.

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2003-12-30 00:30 (link)
Ooh, degus. I wasn't sure waht you were talking about at first. So do you like the little animals? My chem teacher has some, but they got out once, an didn't like being caught an ever since they bite everyone. are your degus quite sweet, i heard they are supposed to be the type of lil rodent that anyone can handle, cuz it will almost never bite. I can believe they gave you one for free. its terrible that its mother beat it up. poor lil guy. =/

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2003-12-30 13:01 (link)
Yeah, mine are sweet and don't bite you. But everyone keeps saying they are nocturnal and chew everything and stuff.

But they sleep during the night, they don't chew on things except a wood thing I bought, they never really jump, and one sleeps all the damn time while thee other wheels for like 2 hours straight and the hurt one is with me all the time. But they were out of their cage all morning till noon from 4 and the hurt one was the only one with balls to stay out of the cage. That lazy one just slept and the mischief loud one would just run up and down the ramps I made.

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2003-12-31 23:28 (link)
awh, they sound like sweet lil animals. are they expensive tho?

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2004-01-01 06:00 (link)
Yes they are very sweet! And make the cutes sounds. They are expensive, but I went to a pet shop that really wanted to get rid of them, there was a pregnant mom and three boys, one of my boys (Alexander) got torn up really bad by her, and Sinner and Abie just got little bits of hair tooken off, so they wanted them gone so they sold me 2 for 20$ and the "beat up one" Alex for free, so I was lucky. Also lucky that it wasn't planned but I had everything for them, because I was looking....But I heard from my friend up there took the mommy and kept her and when she has babies he is feeding them to his snakes...which i was against, but it's feeding another animal to keep it alive, so what do ya do? But I hope he tries to sell the mommy, I would get really mad if he just killed her or something. But yeah, I just told you everything about sorry.

But expensive, not lap animals, and needy as fuck.

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2004-01-01 19:56 (link)
lol, no its cool, I am interested in degus. I've been trying to figure out if I had the time, money an energy for them. I already have 2 birds, and one dog an I was trying to figure out how well the degus would adjust to each other.

Yeah, I don't like when you have a pet that depends on other live things to survive. I had a toad once, an I had to feed it live crickets. I mean you may not care that much for insects, but I just felt bad putting the crickets in for certain death. =P
Yeah, I can't believe your friend bought the mom an then feeds the babies to his snakes. You could tell your friend that he could make money off the babies instead of feeding them to his snakes. An he could just feed the snakes mice instead =P

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2004-01-02 05:23 (link)
Yeah, I told him that, but he thought it was funner and he just wanted to try something new...I just smacked him and walked off. But yeah, my roommate has Anoles and the crickets get out all the time and some I let outside, but it's so cold now they would die anyway so I have no choice but to feed it to the anoles. But I do think of insects as animals too, I am an Animal Activist and don't believe in somethings, but feeding an animal to an animal to keep alive, I have to follow.

Just won't buy a pet that needs it.

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