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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote,
@ 2004-02-10 21:29:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    LJ crosspost - Why I hate Brighthouse, part 267
    So, Tracy got her tax refund yesterday, so she woke me up when she got home a bit after 5:00 to drag me out to blow it all (including our new toy - old pics likely being scanned tomorrow since I have the day off). We come back to find the cable has been shut off - not terribly surprising because I actually don't know when it's due, and we haven't paid them in a while. What is a bit surprising is we were given no warning other than our regular bill with a past due balance. Tracy calls to see what we can do to get it back on, and the guy says we can pay by check or credit card. She informs him we don't have a checking account, and not enough credit on the card, so he says we'll have to go to the office and pay before they'll do anything. Fine, except the office closes at 6:00 - and this is what really pisses me off: The office closes at 6:00 - our cable was shut off no earlier than 5:55, judging from my IRC logs. But to make it even more ridiculous, when Tracy went to pay them this morning (and bitch at them, though she said the woman there was too nice and understanding to yell at), the woman called headquarters to find out why we weren't given any notice. Apparently the last time they threatened to cut us off, Tracy called to tell them we'd drop it by after she got her check around 10:00. The person said we had to have payment on our door at 8:00 or they were cutting us off. Tracy reiterated we wouldn't have the money until 10, and there was no way we were just leaving money in an envelope on our door, especially without a receipt, and doubly so because this isn't the greatest neighborhood (and we'd only been here a month or so - it's really not as bad as we thought).

    So yes, because we refused to leave money unprotected on a door (for which we wouldn't even get a receipt), we're no longer allowed to know the status of our account. Of course, that won't stop them from charging us a reconnection fee or slyly billing us for a full month of service despite not having it for most of a 24-hour period. Fuckers.

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2004-03-05 01:14 (link)
Happy berthday!

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