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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 13:27:00
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    How appropriate...

    You Should Have a Threesome

    You are sure to be a threesome pro (even if you're a first timer)
    You're considering having a threesome for the right reasons
    Not as a quick fix for a dull sex life or bad relationship
    So grab the nearest hottie, and bring him or her into your bedroom
    As long as your partner is game - you're sure to have a good time
    Be safe, considerate, and don't end up sleeping in the wet spot :-)

    Should You Have a Threesome?
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2003-12-17 23:09 (link)
haha dude i new u were an ass.. but i didnt know u were a loser too.. u work the overnight shift at target taking the boxes off the truck haha u loser do something with your life.. seriously. i worked at target and quit after 2 weeks because i realized everyone there were losers and werent going anywhere with there life like you.. have fun scanning, locating, and stocking your shit cause its a bitch and you will realize it you fucking loser. oh by the way i read that u were at a buccaneers game.. hahaha have fun watching the playoffs from home u loser.. and do me a favor.. root against the eagles, i wouldnt want you jinxing them. -PFC MANFRA - US ARMY

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Re: haaaaaa
2004-01-08 18:27 (link)
Loser, huh? Well let's examine the facts here...

Yes, I work at Target. After quitting a $30,000+/year job because I was bored with it. I live in a decent home with my girlfriend of three-and-a-half years a thousand miles away from my parents after moving out ten years ago.

You, apparently, don't even have a job, but you do have some sort of fascination with being in the army and declaring it on your comments, even though you obviously aren't on active duty. You live at home with your mommy, who was mean and cut off your internet access. You're 19, but you hang out with 15- and 16-year-olds, and your "girlfriend" (who appears to be 16 from what I can tell) seems to want to screw some new guy every other week. And you're never that guy. Hell of a life you've got there.

Oh, and since you seem to place so much importance on how a local football team does:

Years since the Bucs have won a national title: 1
Years since Philadelphia has won a national title: 43 (or, if you prefer, 16 years before Tampa even had a team)

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Re: haaaaaa
2004-01-09 05:07 (link)
haha okay okay okay so you mean to tell me your proud about the Buccs in winning the super bowl last year. Nice.. goodjob.. LAST YEAR. What are they doing this year? You got jon gruden doing interviews on CBS and you have a player (K. Johnson) who couldn't even play as a team player. Where is the rest of the team? Oh they must be watching the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs. Yea the Eagles havent won in a while.. but thats the past.. this is now.. tampa couldnt even make the playoffs after winning the superbowl.. thats just sad! Oh and about your great job.. you work in the back rooms unloading trucks.. u seem to be in your late 20's.. no college education.. and you probably barely have enough money to make ends meat. And and not to mention good effort on all the research into my life to try and make me look bad.. haha NICE!

By the way i do have a job.. i work for the township i'm from.. and at the age of 19.. i don't think thats to bad considering i make $400+ a week. Oh and about my girlfriend wanting to screw other guys every other week? Yea deff not.. we have problems but thats normal.. so dont even say u don't have any problems with your girlfriend.. and if you dont its probably because she's fat and ugly and the only thing you can get.. by the way if u ever wanna compare girlfriends i'll get a picture of mine and make your jaw drop. See ya Target Team member! weee dont forget about your red shirt! -PFC MANFRA!

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Re: haaaaaa
2004-01-15 19:18 (link)
You must seriously have problems if you think a person's self-worth is determined by a fucking football team.

I never said my job was great, but at least I actually have one and don't just make shit up like you do (and I don't wear a red shirt, dumbass). Must be a real great job you have there when you can go to sleep at 4 a.m. and not get up until 5 p.m. Hell, you didn't even bother making up what you do at your non-existant job. If you really made $400/week, you'd probably at least be able to pay for your own internet so you wouldn't have to cry when mommy disconnects it.

As for college, I have Junior standing at Virginia Tech with coursework in Business and Mechanical Engineering. How many credit hours have you earned? Judging by the way you write, you haven't even passed remedial English yet.

Yes, it's normal for couples to have problems. It's not normal to break up every two weeks because she's secretly lusting over other guys. I'll pass on her picture. I'm not into kiddie porn.

BTW, you can drop the PFC shit. Good job... LAST YEAR. What are you doing this year?

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2004-01-15 23:39 (link)
Saygoodbye recommended your journal, so I'll add you if that's ok with you.

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2004-01-16 07:52 (link)
Heh. Not a problem. I don't post too often, though (as you might have noticed).

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