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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 02:18:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning

    Woke up from a rather bizarre dream today. I was on a college football team that I believed to be Virginia Tech, but our uniforms were the wrong color and the announcers kept calling us BP. Maybe they just had some weird speech impediment. Anyway, It was the third quarter, and whoever we were playing was sucking like a vacuum. They kicked off to us and our return guy it for a touchdown. About five or six times in a row. It was getting so bad, all I was really doing on the field was annonouncing the points (kind of like I was telling the announcers), and then handing the ball back to the opponent's kicker. My arm started getting tired after a while, so I was having trouble throwing it, so I kept apologizing to him. Our kick returner's arms were also going, and he dropped a few that went out of the endzone for a safety, so the other team got some points, but still had to kick again. hehe. Just before I woke up, I decided to try to help him out and I moved back closer to him. He dropped the kick because by this point both of his hands were up by his chin and he couldn't move them.I went and tried to pick it up with my bad arm (I don't know why I didn't even try to use my good one) and knocked it backwards before waking up.

    Bizarre is good, though, because it beat the hell out of my dream the night before. I dreamt that I was driving down the road and suddenly a police car cam flying off a side street with lights flashing and siren blaring. I jammed on the brakes and immediately woke up. You know how sometimes a dream will scare you to the point you wake up with your heart pounding and sweat pouring off your brow? Well, when I woke up, I swear my heart had literally seized. It felt like someone had grabbed my heart and squeezed it so it couldn't move for a second. Scary shit.

    In other news, it appears a bunch of people did a ton of work in support while I was dreaming about football because the board is in fantastic shape. I owe everyone cookies. I also cleaned out Private as a mini-thanks and only bumped about four or five green to gunk because I was sick of seeing validation and FO requests. Especially from people I can't prove are under 18 but sure as hell act like it.

    In other news, I finally have a job. It's just overnight stocking at Targét, but it pays fairly decently for an entry-level job around here. I have orientation tonight at 6. Someday, I will own Targét, and then I will laugh at all you puny people!

    Okay, yeah, I'm tired and giddy. :) Have a lovely evening.

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2003-11-12 11:21 (link)
Hooray for work!

...which I must find. I don't know what it is, but Americans seem to be unemployable in entry-level positions in Ireland. It's awful.

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2003-11-12 12:39 (link)
Yes, congrats on the job.

And with esoteric_heart and empyreal being on support pretty much 24/7, along with myself and pretty much always at least one other SH.. we're just knocking requests out of the sky. I saw your bumped ones, too. I liked that "What's with the retards today?" or something like that - made me laugh.

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2003-11-12 16:44 (link)
Congrats on the job, and good luck! I need one of those myself, as I obviously have too much time on my hands.

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