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Ben (benman5000) wrote,
@ 2003-03-08 16:15:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:Beck - Where It's At

    Mr. or Mrs. Lemmywinks Gordon, Srs.
    this song is so cool. nothing new in developments with the breaking story... wait.. yuh huh! i had to say no to meg, because... well... "personal differences", i guess. its ok. im sure shes over me. well, anyway, yesterday i did a dinner party thing. i was a nerd, and i went places with it, I knew all along that i was the killer. it was my shifty eyes that gave it away to me. they'll never catch me! HAHAHA! yes. great. my mood has now changed completely. song change, youy see. now i'm feeling all reflective, moby does that to me. it was beck, now its moby. My new favorite movie is being john malkovich. its a great movie, watch it. i'll add it to my list of movies you should watch. watchout for the ever devious me! ben, the non doormat! i'll walk all over you! HAR!

    -hezekia "ben" Morrison

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2003-03-09 20:18 (link)
well, ben haven't talk to u in awhile. its ok there are plenty of other girls out there cough *stef* cough, sike nah well bye for now <3 stef

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