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Jessica<33 (benjisxsexxxie) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 13:27:00
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    Current mood:sick
    Current music:Blink 183 - Feeling this

    wonderful entry #1. ahha. now all i have to do is figure out how to get color and stuff on this thing. this should be fun! i went to the Sevendust and staind concert Sunday night. it was amazing. great concert, really. i didn`t like either bands before i went, and now they`ve made me a fan. *woohoo* uhh yeah. some retard tried throwing a shoe up on the stage and almost hit the lead singer of staind. welcome to elmira! and the sad thing is, probably half of the people in this town would do something like that. its either the low brain cell count because a) we all smoke pot, all the time.. or b) we're just naturally born stupid here. ha. Elmira pride baby!. no offense to my fellow elmirans. i <3 my friends. *smiles* Hey guyssss!!!! *waves* oh yay! i went to school for 1st and 2nd periods today, then went to the nurse and came home. my temp was only 99.9..but my throats been hurtin for a few days now.. so my grandpa took me to the doctor...and guess what!? great news! you won`t believe it! im sure you won`t care either, but here goes.. i have an ear infection, a sinus infection, AND possibly strep throat!! isn`t that GREAT? AND the pills i have to take, are HUGE! =x what a wonderful life. *makes fingers like gun and holds up to head* well..i guess i`ll go for now. i`m sure nothing intresting will happen later i`ll probably just bore you some more tomorrow =)

    <3 * j3Ssic4

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2003-12-02 13:53 (link)
lol I hope ya feel better sexy i wish i could do somethin btu id probly jus make u even more sicker well im sure ull have a better day ull find things out about the couch that u never knew before ull see lol iight bye

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