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Holly (behindblueyes22) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 22:18:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    On my way to Cape May....
    Well today was one of this "spontanoues" days. Beth came to go get lunch at noon. We went to the Oregon diner and had some good convo and food. Then she was taking me to get dropped off and she didnt want to go and leave me yet so I said to drive around...It was really nice out and I said "shame we cant go to the shore" next thing I know we're calling Pat and heading to Cabrini to meet him so we can take a trip down the shore. Beth and I decorated the windows with little signs with the window paint and we drove to Cabrini to get Pat. We ran into Quickel and he was like "Its Spring Break... that means LEAVE" hahaha - I *heart* him. Anyway - Pat showed up and then we got to like Deptford when I realized I left my purse at Cabrini :( Opps. So we went back - got the purse and drove to the shore - Fun times - flying napkins, napkin hat, "whered u learn to drive", jammin to the radio, "uh uh", "shady ally" and many other things... haha *sigh*

    we got to the shore and went to get pizza and then we ran onto the beach. The sand was sooo cold but it was so nice being there... we actually stood in the water for awhile and sat in the sand. Then I went looking for sea shells and beth tackled me and then pat came after us but then beth realized she lost her keys... I found them though!!!!! Then we went to a diner to get coffee and then drove back home... it was so nice just to do something today.

    I want to go to the shore with READ so bad... being there and watching Beth and Pat be all cute made me sad and made me miss him more :( I cant wait to hold him again - hes so comfy with his big hoodies on and... oh hes just so cute!!!!!!

    blah - Sunday where the hell are you?!

    off to watch the simpsons in a half hour then bed probably... Im beat!

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