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Holly (behindblueyes22) wrote,
@ 2004-03-12 00:19:00
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    Current mood: blank

    thursday nite... lalala
    sitting here at Reads watching him play Lord of the Rings... hahah hes so cute cause hes talking at the game... im dating a 12 yr old trapped in a 19 yr olds body ;) lol so cute.

    life has been crazy as always when im at school. but somethings been weird lately - or at least according to everyone else ive been acting weird..... i dunno. i dont feel like anythings wrong except for i keep thinking about cutting like having really weird flashbacks and stuff. it sucks but i havent cut and i dont think i will.

    Im excited about this weekend. well somewhat - tomorrow im going to the movies with read and then hanging out with beth. saturday - who knows... and im on duty. sunday - celebrating st pattys day *yay* tres excited.

    i register for my classes on tuesday :) i cant believe itll be my last year here - im kinda scared about it - going out into the real world and really being a full blown adult all the time.... and im scared of losing read... im falling so in love with him that im scared of losing him. i know its stupid to think so far ahead but... blah

    i went on the tour of the new ballpark tonite - WOW doesnt even begin to explain how awesome that place is. i cant wait to work there... 54 bucks and game PLUS tips... and i get paid 54 bucks for the 5 phillies meetings i went too... $$$$$$$$$$$$ but sadly its already spent on my old navy account... plus spring is coming and i need cute clothes!

    ok i gtg... Boo... :(

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