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kaY:LeE (beeautifully_me) wrote,
@ 2004-04-23 21:46:00
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    Current mood: shocked
    Current music:none::

    ohhmygosh ... today I like so almost died. seriously. ok here's the story:
    -- Me & my friend Savanna left school early (@ like 1:15) and went to eat some lunch. We went to Ruby Tuesday's and it was really fun! Our waitor was stalker-ish thoug .. but yeah he signed our yearbooks (THAT WE GOT TODAY!) and yeah so he was cool. SO then we're really close to my church (WALLACE) so im like 'Hey savanna.. lets go by the church I wanna visit my friend's mom' (Debbie Mathis) So we get to church. Debbie aint there so Im like 'OK well i gotta work today so lets just go home' SO we're driving down Schaad Rd, and smart savanna makes some random turn at this road where is like no where close to the way to my house .. and im like 'Savy you dont get to my house this way' (Shes ditzier then me .. for real) and she's like 'OH YEAH" so we turn around. And she's about to cross Shaad Rd. to go the "short-cut" way to get onto Oak Ridge Hwy. So she's pulling up and there's this big ol' car in the way so shes like ' I cant see if anythings coming' so she like inches out and then is like 'OK im going' and we get out in the middle of the road and out of nowhere this freakin CHINESE LADY is speeding toward the passenger side (where im sitting) and so i like froze or went into shock or somthing I was like freakin freaked out! And she wams into the side and doesnt brake so we're like flyin down the rd. and finally she stops so were like .. OMG ... and Savy like screams (this is her 2nd wreck in 3 weeks ... lol.. like i said .. shes dumb sometimes) and i liek start bawling cause im like scared we killed someone and i was scared that i was like gonna ahve some broken bone or somthing .. and so finally we get out and the Chinese lady starts yelling in Chinese at us ... it was awful. So im probly gonna have to go to court or somthing.
    So yeah thats what happened. And what really sucked was this started out being a great day & then the wreck & then I had to work... ugh I should really just go to bed. But i really wanna talk to my friends and tell them how much I love them. (Which is a LOT!) So yeah big thanks to Jeremy & the guys that saved me & savy .. lol good things you guys are "car people" and can change tires. Love you all. *kay*

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~ hmm i love you.
2004-05-18 21:32 (link)
i love you kaylee!! um, your purse is fake & can't wait til TP04! "tea parties " that is. *!@_love you.

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