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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-30 15:54:00
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    Ma Lei's outside material and does not have stamp
    the Lishui department store is held celebrating the activity in nine anniversaries . Is spun in the concentrated hall in the Ai Laiyi family , and news of victory keeps pouring in : Keeps the good twist hempen thread of full markets first of sales the every day Sales rows list the first in the market Creating next 1108482 yuan of sales in four days , the head of the steady residence market sales rows name transcends the house spinning near 800 thousand yuan of brand second ( 325960 yuan ) ! Spins in the Ai Laiyi family that continuously in order to advocate Northern Europe leisure amorous feelings for the design reason were read , and wins that the consumer praises like damp with his outstanding character . During the activity , spins the concentrated hall and is enclosed impossible to break outly by consumer in the whole Ai Laiyi family , and it is fairly fiery to scare buying the scene , and the sales are climbed rising successively . comforter sets

    This activity lets vast consumer genuinely be affected by once Northern Europe leisure fashion great mass fervour . ( LINREY ) the information source : The net banner is spun in the family : The international spinning and weaving yarn of China of 4th fall due is opened up the content will begun : International spinning and weaving yarn exhibition of China of 4th fall due will be conduct at Beijing China international trade center the 22-24's sun of 3 months as scheduled . The current exhibition can with the merit can the stream exhibit be given first place to by the green environmental protection product of mould . For an interest is bought in the guarantee , the side sponsoring lays stress on the enterprise and joins an exhibition the examination of natural endowments more further , with " refined " ensuring the specialty exhibition to understand with " monopolizing " . The trade quality constantly promotes the exhibition , and has effectively pledged that the exhibition can be expert at authoritative nature and influence of industry . In addition , bed in a bag

    the side sponsoring spectator invites also more more to go deep into on the work and careful . That the family issues invitation is bought that to not only specialty to the data base , and still sends out and directly the methods such as postal etc by way of postal matter crowd to the one batch of information service that emphatic customer provided individualization and specialization many times . The organizing committee still well cooperates the relation by way of what builds with the overseas association , and has enlarged the invitation dynamics of spectator of overseas The banner : Purchase which 4 point the relieved clothing will be paid attention to The content : Having arrived again purchasing before the joint thing and buying for spening the New Year the gold season of new clothing , but when picing out and buy the clothing what will be paid attention to ? To this , the nature is supervised personnel a few some suggestions has been put forward First , had better pick out and buy to the regular market , and the attention is preserved well purchasing thing invoice and product to hang the plate , and in a single day find the problem to be easy to appeal and claims damages Second ,bed sets

    the use to examine the clothing explanation ( hanging the plate ) be taken care before picing out and buy . Fixed according to the concerned standard gauge of nation , the clothing commodity in using to explain must the name of mark manufacturing person , address , product description , model and specifications , as well as the person who uses raw material composition and content , execution standard , quality grade and quality test certificate of inspection are bright etc Third , paying attention to smelling the taste . Usually , the clothing is or many or few metropolis deposits and stays the formaldehyde smell . Generally washing just go to remove most formaldehyde right off and leaves with the washing , but as if smelling the clear strange taste , but had better not purchase The 4th , carefully the outside material is selected . The pure natural fabric harmless had better be selected , if the clothing of cotton ,bed in a bag sets

    Ma Lei's outside material and does not have stamp particularly should be paid attention to this when picing out and buy the children's wear to the human body The new wave net banner : Sichuan will build the silkworm seed price interlocking machine system content : Sichuan province prices bureaus recently Xiang Geshi and state prices departments has issued the notice of silkworm seed price in 2007 << about makes clear the silkworm seed price policy and >> , the price formation mechanism to decide from 2007 Nian Qi to build the silkworm seed price and international internal raw silk price and the silk cocoon price and the kind cocoon price antithetical couplet moves . According to informing , the Sichuan silkworm seed price arrangement of 2007 years is as follows : Silkworm generation hydrid strain of 2007 years comes on the stage , and the price is per 26 yuan by per adjustment of 23.5 yuan . The sale price to peasant of a silkworm generation of 2007 years hydrid strain is by per adjustment of 25 yuan for per 28 yuan , cost such as includes transporting , hastens the hatching of silkworms and technical service etc . designer comforters

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