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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-29 10:35:00
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    That the exhibition is understood moves about chiefly
    therefore need to do well plans as a whole to link up work , acts for doing the good fair positive promotes the effect . It is reported , China of 4th fall due - during eastern alliance fair will conduct at the same time that the China - eastern alliance quality testing minister level consults that the meeting , China - eastern alliance port development and cooperative forum , China - eastern cooperative forum of alliance forestry and China - eastern alliance society develops and subtracting the activity such as poor forum and river bank public opinion altar etc . In addition , the 10 month last ten-day period of a month is to in period of ten days in 11 middle of the month , the meeting that this district still will hold 10+1's leader's meeting and 10+1 Ministry of Communications head etc head Gao Guan's meeting in Euroasia , these forums or meeting possess the important meaning to self construction of trade area China - eastern alliance . comforter sets

    The banner : " four the strict " content purchased the requirement is obeyed in the river cadre school : Recently , it is open-minded that in order to pledge the student clothing is invited tenders and is purchased work science , standard and has the order and tight ground , and education of Jiang Ganqu's bureau has put forward the requirement purchasing the work " four to rigorously enforce " . Being the strict program , appointed man in each school is responsible for , and strengthens to leader and control purchasing work . Secondly strict abiding by student is voluntary the principle , and pays attention to the standard of control capacity , and generally loads various two sets for Xia Qiu . Three are the examination system of strict standard student's clothing , standard contract text , and student must not be lower than 50% by summer clothing outside material cotton fiber content . bed in a bag

    Four are strictly performing the contract requirement , and that the school must sign with the school uniform production companies supplies needs education in contract newspaper area to equip the center and discriminates and confirms , and student's clothing pattern getting the bid and each school of outside material must not be changed at will . The Hangzhou net - Hangzhou daily paper banner : Middle and small four fall dues enterprise fairs and cooperative content of Japan : International middle and small Ji Zhong's of the enterprise fair noon small enterprise fair ( well-informed meeting of abbreviation in 4th fall due ) of China of 4th fall due will be conduct in the Guangzhou city in 9 months 15 days - 18 days . Well-informedly can sending out by the nation in current changes the committee and total bureau of the Ministry of Finance , commercial affairs ministry and nation industry and commerce and silver-colored prison meeting of China and the Guangdong to economize the industrial middle and small enterprise hall of province of the People's Government and Japan economy jointly to sponsor . bed sets

    Middle well-informed can be our country government for pushing forward not only good but also quick exchange and the cooperative terrace developing and founds of middle and small enterprise . Follows 2004 Nian Qi , in well-informedly can become the middle and small enterprise distinguished gathering of one dimension of a year . After continuing second fall due and the French government and third fall due successfully conducting with the Italy government , our country government will conduct the current fair with the Japan government jointly . According to introducing , 5000 standard exhibitions bits will be set up in the well-informed meeting in 4th fall due , among them 1000 of bit border foreign enterprise industry exhibition . The exhibition can set up trade exhibition areas such as mechanical equipment and spinning and weaving clothing etc according to the trade cloth exhibition .bed in a bag sets

    That the exhibition is understood moves about chiefly except the middle and small enterprise product and exhibition of technology kimono affair reach the business , still including the small enterprise summit forum of middle noon and middle noon cooperative item of small enterprise pushes multiple itemss such as Jie consults and middle and small enterprise information forum etc necessary activity . Well-informedly in 4th fall due understands in order to promote the middle and small enterprise exchange to cooperate to the tenet , the international order is strived for to the activities such as by way of conducts the exhibition consults and the cooperative item pushes Jies and purchase explanations etc in the middle and small enterprise of help and the reclaimation international market and the development internation cooperates By way of the small enterprise summit forum of middle noon and melting the activities such as the money is consulted to understand etc , the middle and small enterprise of help widens the internation field of vision , designer comforters

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