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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-24 10:15:00
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    At present , the / of 3 grades of ginned cotton sales quoted
    and Hunan is managed the fairly better spinning and weaving enterprise and also times is received the suffering , and the sale circumstances is not seen continuously making it . How the stock deposits the product , and many spinning and weaving enterprises of Changde City are in order to keep the normality operation , and compressing about 7 days with the raw material stock , the production scope is also reduced to some extent , and the scope greatly management fairly better is spun to stand on tiptoe like eastern to believe that his raw material stock capacity such as group and cloud-pattern brocade group etc keep most about 45 days , and does not purchase the cotton plan at present , spins to stand on tiptoe at present stage with sells produces the end product gives first place to , steaming again the payment for goods for as quickly as possible , not hesitating reduces the prices urgees melting . comforter sets

    The spinning and weaving enterprise is when purchasing ginned cotton , and the cotton enterprise does not accept accepting the draft , and the downsteam is weaved cotton cloth and the clothing enterprise all is basically again the draft is accepted in the payment , and taking therefore the spinning and weaving enterprise can only pay interest at present , and loses heavyly . According to understanding , Hunan yarn is sold that the price goes up month equally to fall 110 yuan of /s' tons . 4 months 6 days , the striking a bargain price in order to accept the draft final accounts of 45 combing yarns in the pure cotton was 25500 yuan of /s' tons 32 general yarns combed in the pure cotton are 24000 yuan of /'s tons with striking a bargain price accepting the draft final accounts . Big with labour force's cost of ginned cotton because rises , and the cotton yarn has almost achieved " zero profit " , bed in a bag

    and Hunan is somely spun the person in charge standing on tiptoe and is spoken : Spins stands on tiptoe the management lost money in business , even goes bankrupt , relying on the investigation , the spindle of Hunan 1/3 has stopped . If the corresponding policy is not put into effect in the nation , the danger to stand on tiptoe being faced with the exit interaational stage is spun in China . The cotton circulates , and the enterprise suffers enough from that the suffering spinning and weaving enterprise does not have an easy time day , and the cotton circulates , and what is hard to to sell smooth to the stock of enterprise . The cotton enterprise strenuously puts up waiting for ginned cotton price rising the reflection relied on Changde City jade Hua Mianye limited company cotton ginning factory person in charge since longer time , but the quotations do not see improvement slowly , but the grain bin cotton cost increases increasingly , bed sets

    and publishes fund rate of interest calculation according to agriculture , stocks one ton of standard three grades of ginned cotton per month need to pay interest 80-90 first , according to from last November counts , up to now five month amounts to the interest pay has 400 pluralitys , if being commercial bank or other credit loan , the rate of interest is higher , and per ton of ginned cotton monthly expenses is gone out 134 yuan of interest close to , five month adds up the interest is up to about 600 yuan . If several thousand or many tons of ginned cottons of stock , has amounted to to pay several hundred lasts 10000000 yuan the bank interest , still can not see the sign that the price rises to now , we should like to ask has several person's quietly soberly heart not anxious . Just still loaning , the allotted time approaches gradually , therefore the cotton enterprise is many in sequence price sale ginned cotton , and wants the ready money final accounts . But the spinning and weaving enterprise also is being faced with the stern fund problem , and lacking strength ready money is purchased the cotton , and the market sinks into the condition faced a difficult choice . bed in a bag sets

    At present , the / of 3 grades of ginned cotton sales quoted prices in the Hunan for 13750 yuan ton ( gross weight , picks up goods the price and does not take the ticket ) , keeps smooth and steady , light but strikes a bargain in the market . Analysing according to personage inside circle : Can there be very big improvement in the cotton city in the near future , chiefly has the cause of following several aspects , and is Zheng Mian's futures price falls all the way The breed that secondly part is entered port the cotton purchases the cost that begins being lower than the made in our country cotton into the cost , and to the country cotton price creates the shock Three are that the cotton is standed on tiptoe ginned cotton stock capacity more greatly . According to understanding , the cotton is given as security at 3-4 between ten thousand tons to at present Hunan ginned cotton nature Four are returning agriculture to publish the loan extremely urgent All sorts of causes lead to the cotton to be standed on tiptoe hard to bear April , designer comforters

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