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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-23 10:17:00
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    3 person supervisor are present at the meeting to the reality
    A number by the tradition 3 reducing to 2 is joined in marriage by his ten thousand ingot-shaped tablets spun yarn , and roving quality and synthetical technology economic performance are all raised to some extent , and are the new type that the slubbing engineering modernize is better . Not only four drives fly frames making spinning speed is raised greatly , but also also makes the flexibility spinned get strengthening . But the four drives fly frames of various brands are in the real use of cotton mill , and have also run into a series of difficult problems . Among them , how to eliminate the influence factor of roving tension when the operating at a high speed , and makes the whole spinning course keep permanent tension , and become the difficult point of control system . This involves building the mathematical model that is suitable under the various complicated circumstances such as various different fibre breeies , different spinning technology parameters and different workshop environments etc . comforter sets

    EJK211's mould fly frame grinds a personnel by way of studying the law winding up with the roving tension change under the circumstances at a high speed , and has successfully built the corresponding mathematical model , for settlement tension rises and falls and has provided effective means . The machine is spun in developing the four drives fly frame courses in mechanical and electrical Shanghai two in Pacific , and adopts the measure of a series of settlement roving tension waves , and has gained very good effect the cotton mill in the application . The tension offset when especially when changing the spinning breed as long as fixing technology parameter and coiling coefficient according to the fixed quantity of roving , by way of the experiment getting the roving at the small yarn again and the middle yarn and big yarn defines the numerical value of 13 imitation . , and can adjust roving tension in the whole spinning course to the suitable state , bed in a bag

    and spins the roving to make permanent tension , and be ensured the quality of roving . Indicating through the user test : It is fine that this machine becomes the yarn quality , and Wu Site reaches 2001 editions communique 5%~25%'s standards by the strip futilely , possesses that outcome Gao covers an area of the area merit small and the recruit and use province The noise of high velocity when revolving is small and the energy consumption is hanged down and it is smooth and steady to revolve , and it is clear that the whole set work loss is smaller than 11kW,'s save energy effect , the merit ability that possessing stops providing electricity lets the hair grow Technology parameter intellect is disposed , and the diagnostic function is complete , and the graphic display merit can be easy to use safeguards , and his use capability has achieved German Zinser corporation and Japan Toyoda corporation same's product standard . Four drives on the EJK211's mould at present fly frames a year sales volume at the initial stage of having followed 80 is leaped to rise to 180 , bed sets

    and becomes that the machine is spun in mechanical and electrical Shanghai two in Pacific possesses unique competitions competitive products energetically on the market . The China spinning and weaving newspaper Zhou Ying banner : [ deep spinning and weaving A ] supervisor understands the meeting announcement content second time in 4th fall due : The negotiable securities code : 000045 , the 200045 negotiable securitiess abbreviations : Deep spinning and weaving A and deep spinning and weaving B's announcement number : Spinning and weaving ( group ) share limited company supervisor of 4th fall due in 2007-8 Shenzhen city understands second meeting resolution announcement Shenzhen city spinning and weaving ( group ) share limited company supervisor of 4th fall due and understands second meeting was spinning large building the 6th building deeply to convene in 2007 3 months 15 days . Should be present at the meeting 3 person supervisor , bed in a bag sets

    3 person supervisor are present at the meeting to the reality , and the notice of meeting fits concerned law , regulations , rules and the requirement of corporation rules with convening . The meeting agrees with 3 tickets , 0 ticket opposition and 0 ticket is abstained from voting , and has passed through the corporation << about proposal purchasing beautiful a hundred years and imports and exports corporation share >> : The agreement corporation gives birth to with 1,306.21s in ten thousand yuan of purchase Shenzhen citys are permanent and invests the thigh power of clothing limited company 36% of beautiful a hundred years of Shenzhen city that the limited company holds , and with 435.40 ten thousand yuan of thigh power of clothing limited company 12% of beautiful a hundred years of Shenzhen city that the purchase group mechanism trade union holds , designer comforters

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