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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-23 10:16:00
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    drafts and Long Jin gos up and down , and controls four drives
    strengthening in Hua Fangyin China being led down , and closely catching hold of the good opportunity of spinning and weaving trade recovery and society development , according to the policy forging the fine works , the market is expanded in the effort , and the various grades of production and 25000 sets of end product is spun in the various specifications men , realizes sells income 5300 thousand yuan , the tax made profit is 1320 thousand yuan , solves 49 person obtain employment , this graceful brand of the sea base of a fruit ascends Sichuan famous brand file , becomes to continue the Tuo plate corporation not to grudge alcoholic drink after again the famous quality products in one place , and shoots that the development of Hong Xian has made the important contribution for Hua Fangyin China The information source : The intelligent acute hearing net spinning and weaving trade frequency channel banner : Circling in the air , egret chemical fiber class four maxterms eyes capture 6000 million contents loans started : Reporter learned yesterday , comforter sets

    and the nation Development Bank loans , and the principle has been understood to have passed through that four in Anshan city always invests to 84.72 hundred million yuan of examining and appraise of loan item in the committee the other day , and the application loan total sum is 60.5 hundred million yuan , and the loan fund was reached the designated position before the hopeful end of the year one after another This four items are respectively : The state-owned enterprise reforms and the industrial enterprise moves transforms total 48.52 hundred million yuan of investment of item , and drawing up the application starts 3400 million yuan of loan , they chiefly are effective dish work in 88 familys in Anshan city bankruptcy enterprises capitals and properties , settle 2.69 ten thousand person staff and workers Move inside the transformation city proper 108 family industrial enterprises , bed in a bag

    and vacates the space putting into effect energetically inviting outside investment drawing in the money item work To transform the item total invests 8.92 hundred million yuan in the shanty town , and draws up the application starting 6.5 hundred million yuan of the loan , and the focal point is solved to stand that Xi Qu 6073 familys in eight shanty towns resident of mountain area with iron moves to move and settles , and improves his housing conditions The trading company in Anshan city increases money and expands that the burst item application starts 600 million yuan of loan , and chiefly being the sufficient rate of city trading company capital for raise , and recommends the management mechanism of Development Bank first-in , and promoting the place finance industry healthily development That invests in the textile industry garden in Haicheng city city circling in the air the egret chemical fiber item , 21.28 hundred million yuan of RMB are always invested to the item , bed sets

    and shareholder invests 91000 thousand dollars , and draws up 82000 thousand dollars of loan application foreign exchange and forming a complete system 7.44 hundred million yuan of RMB The northern morning newspaper banner : . comments Shanghai two to spin four drives on the machine EJK211's mould fly frame contents : The E's Juan's JK211's mould fly frame that the machine share limited company developed is spun in mechanical and electrical group Shanghai two in Pacific , and applies the field bus , computer control and light mechanical and electrical integration new technology equal in height in the fly frame , and possesses the higher mechanical and electrical integration standard . This machine is in 2003 8 months by way of the new appraisal ? product of the Shanghai city scientific research committee , and is commented to the new products of nation focal point of 2004 years . This machine uses four the electromotor separated drive ingot-shaped tablet wings , bed in a bag sets

    bobbins , drafts and Long Jin gos up and down , and controls four drives carrying on synchronous drive , and possesses spinning technology parameter store and the call merit ability by the computer according to the technology curve fixed . Drafting and winds up organization respectively cause by self electrical machinery control , Guan Cheshi's coiling organization stops first , drafting that the organization afterwards stops , and makes that the preceding roller is slightly limp to the roving between the ingot-shaped tablet wing , tension and hastens the normality when driving again , can follow at all gos up prevents occurring of Guan Che's details , reduces into the yarn at a high speed shuttleless loom and broken end that the great circle creates on the machine , thus raise greatly weaves the efficiency . This machine ingot-shaped tablet wing technology rotational speed 1500 revolutions per minutes the highest attainabilitys have very biglyly raised the stability of the outcome of roving and transmission . designer comforters

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