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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-22 11:51:00
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    works hard for that management person achieves
    That the recurrence is natural is hoped that by heavy work pressure and emotion pressure to the life of modern big city , and the genuine experience man is quiet in the life to people that the stay idle at home design of meticulously design can let day is busy a day , the comfortable harbour . The information source : The middle new Zhejiang net banner : The strong power of Sichuan pushes on the big group of big enterprise and builds the content : Sichuan economizes vice provincial governor Huang Yanrong and the special subject deliberates jointly with the economy committee is economized in Sichuan to industry work in 2008 the other day Huang Yanrong is especially pointed out , since Sichuan economizes to cultivate the big group work of big enterprise to put into effect , and interior motive force that has arouseed that the enterprise develops . comforter sets

    That 79 family enterprises have become realizes the backbone physical strength that the development was strided across in Sichuan province industry . Since cultivating work Boot half a year , the essential factor that the enterprise develops gets gathering of better , and that the development delayed effect has had promotes more greatly As vice provincial governor who is responsible for industry , Huang Yanrong has put forward at 4 and has asked be dead against the industry work next step : Is will highly attach importance to the problem that the enterprise reflects , it is conscientious responsible , solving in a thousand and one ways . Secondly initiatively help the enterprise to change developing the reason to read , and did preparations long ago and does in advance the case long ago , macroscopic regulation and control policy guided that the enterprise initiatively suits the nation . Three are technology innovation and war industry that will be favour of the enterprise development and the industrial products plate and the big group policy of big enterprise with lives and with enough and exhausts , and feasible practicablely reaches the designated position .bed in a bag

    Four are each department will accomplish that the work unities moving , and by way of the resources conformitys , the strong power pushes on the big group of big enterprise and cultivates work policy regulation and control means such as concentrated technical transformation and technology innovation etc " will adopt the measure , the concentrated superiority resources optimize the essential factor to dispose , and the whole promotes that the Sichuan nucleus economized the big big group of enterprise competes power , puts on airs the enterprise that it is strong to do , challenge that positively should be to the macroeconomics adjustment . " Huang Yanrong stresses , and will prepare good next year industry work at present time can accomplishing industry save energy with ensures and fall and consumes 6% objective assignment . Other relying on the understanding , bed sets

    for giving away the road of strong provinces of industry to provide qualified person of ability , the Sichuan provincial Party committee organisation part monopolize to the strong province strategy of industry provides guaranty of person of ability's and puts into effect the correlation opinion recently , puts forward will to have be dead against the nature follows state-owned enterprise and province the grade synthetical and economic department , colleges and universities and scientific research organization selects one batch is familiar with industry and possesses economy manages the outstanding person of ability of experience and specialty knowledge , enrichs to the city ( state ) and in county ( city and area ) party committee and the government leading group According to the opinion , with the occupationization and the marketization and internationalize is the objective , Sichuan economizes and put into effect entrepreneur's character to promote the plan , bed in a bag sets

    works hard for that management person achieves the qualification's standard held a post more than the middle rank more than the emphatic enterprise middle-level of 80% inside 5 years Putting into effect the high technical ability person of ability cultivate the plan , subsidize that the part of youth mechanic to the internal first-rate Gao Zhi educational institutions and abroad technology trains that the reinforcement in base trains in the every year Promoting the school to stand on tiptoe cooperating cultivating person of ability , inherent emphatic enterprise of 3 years establishs that 100 students learn on the job in the base . It is inadequate to economize enterprise person of ability's resources all-up weights be dead against this , and it is serious to run off , and the more inferior person of ability in short supply of higher level is badly in need of the present situation that expands , designer comforters

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