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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-19 10:00:00
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    Sichuan makes " suffer REACH's system influence
    various kind of long fine Fdy and Dty what gives first place to " the Oxford spins " and " the spring more inferiorly spins " and " the brocade is washed and is spun " and " washs the silk spinning " and " chameleon " Bao Buji resembling shoes headgear cloth and the chest simulation silk the compound winter with mattress cloth and eggplant gram cloth and cotton-padded jacket cloth kimono loading simulation silk the cloth walks flatly with the previous day quantity sold , but this year that the breed was growd in number than the last year going on the market is surplus , some melts toward the Middle East and Africa the product many in last year , always striking a bargain capacity in market also many in the last corresponding period Fine Fdy's of length the person who gives first place to low grade shuttle weaved stamp " washing fine hair " on that day and the stamp " the spring more inferiorly spins " selling inside and outside to move mutually , and strikes a bargain that many breeies involve , comforter sets

    the flat ready money of price in market strikes a bargain and transmits and moves mutually with the order , and assembles that the business has the small width of cloth to the limit of the capacity than the previous day again , and the sun quantity sold was winned a victory over the last corresponding period Gently was spun 03 day ( Thursday ) in the city in China , and the long mentioned above four big breed necks of fine cloth market rise in the market , thus the promotion is grown fine cloth and is swallowed and spitted to continue giving first place to in order to rise , and stable Miu Zhian is not through permitting to strictly forbid reprinting the banner to sale price : The new compasses of European Free Trade Association are blocked 400 million dollars of " Sichuan makes " contents : When still not knowing REACH's why thing in most of Sichuan enterprises , the European Free Trade Association registers , assesses , permits and places restrictions on about chemistry article , and the system ( namely REACH's system ) will formally go into effect in next month , bed in a bag

    and will formally implementation in 2008 6 months , near 400 million dollars " Sichuan makes " exports and will involve among them , promptly should to becoming the river stands on tiptoe must mending one class had at once . New compasses chemistry article are unified to manage to introduce according to the province commercial affairs hall , and REACH's system is a regulations motion that involves chemistry article production , trade and use safety , and in order to realize this objective , the European Free Trade Association committee will build unified chemistry article and supervise the management system , and accomplished the management of all correlation chemistry article before 2012 years . It is reported , the products such as simple 30 thousand kinds of chemical industry products and the spinning and weaving , light industry and pharmacy of his downsteam of this system to the European Free Trade Association market etc are brought into respectively and are registered , bed sets

    assess and permit 3 management supervising systems . According to the timetable that the European Free Trade Association was drawn up , the chemistry matter more than 1000 tons of outcome should be accomplished registering inside 3 years The outcome is at the chemistry matter of 100 - 1000 tons , accomplished registering inside 6 years The outcome was accomplished at the chemistry matter of 1 - 100 ton inside 11 years and is registered . The product that fail to bring into this management system on time can not be sold on the European Free Trade Association market . At the same time , these regulations have still been stipulated the strict checkout dear checkout cost of standard sum , and these costs are completely undertaken by the enterprise , and according to estimating , each kind of chemistry matter tests simple 8.5 ten thousand of the need of cost basically , simple 570 thousand of the need of the checkout cost of each kind of new matter . bed in a bag sets

    Will which 400 million dollars of the influence " Sichuan makes " is set a limit " Sichuan makes " suffer REACH's system influence ? Economizing the commercial affairs hall shows , and the implementation of this motion of regulations will economize chemical industry , light industry , spinning and weaving and industry of pharmacy equal phase pass and give rise to the great influence to me . In 2006 , I economized to the European Free Trade Association export number serving as 8.05 hundred million dollars the statistics according to the customhouse , and the 12.2%, European Free Trade Association that occupies Quan Sheng's export total sum is that I economize the third big trade partner . " Sichuan makes " that approximately have closely half to export the European Free Trade Association is all forgiven in REACH's system scope the incomplete statistics display . designer comforters

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