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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-19 09:59:00
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    That day comes and goes that it is also many in last year
    the content with the song of the party singing the praises of and round organisation , dance and poetry elocntes etc the programme Convening the acrylic fibers factory commemorates " May Fourth Movement " sports special subject meeting Conduct with " I forge ahead courageously with the acrylic fibers I and the enterprise with developing altogether " that the round cadre of the topic given first place to gives a lecture competing . By way of giving a lecture , making vast cadre make clear development strategy during " National day five " of corporation and planning , and constantly strengthening sense of responsibility and mission feeling Invite old leader and old comrade to talk freely the what one has learned of Youth League work , and understand the clever distance travelled that Shi Hua youth grows up . comforter sets

    The China spinning and weaving newspaper banner : American last year four seasons degree GDP increases fastly creating 5 Nian Xindi's contents : Giving rise to great negative influence because of the housing market is fatigued and weak , big of the economic growth in autumn in 2007 United States economy is put slowly . It is all according to the United States commercial affairs ministries that three the person who announces initial estimates in advance the data display , the lowest point since GDP's rate of increase of degree of American 2007 Nian Di's four seasons only is from American walking out in 2002 economically to fail the shadow for 0.6%, is lower than the 1.1%, that economist estimates before long ago In the third quarter , United States economy increased with the speed of 4.9% long ago . To this , the chief economist JoeBrusuelas of IDEAglobal calls , bed in a bag

    " American GDP increases almost stagnating . " Consumption payout and the small width of cloth of commerce investment falls in the four seasons degree , but and real estate investment falls that the new height creates nextly 26 year to the range . It also is the important factor that the four seasons degree economic growth is retarded that stock all-up weights reduces , and United States export speed of growth is also put slowly to some extent at the same time Whole 2007 years , American GDP's rate of increase serve as 2.2%, is lower than in 2006 the 2.9%, has served as since 5 years the lowest point . Economists calculate , and the economic growth speed of the United States will go on the slow power the first half of the year in 2008 Other is according to the data display , and the United States is when retarding through speed of growth , and the inflation is also constantly being risen warmly . American nucleus CPI at the four seasons degree has risen , bed sets

    and 2.7%, far is more than beautifully to unite stores up the objective of 1% to 2% estimated , and has also created at the same time the highest speed of growth since 6 quarter One Nian Li of the past , the nucleus is led to the index ( among them including foodstuff and sources of energy price ) expanding and has been risen 2.1% . And all consumer goods and price index served have moved upward 3.4% The American government will be revised the concerned data in the report in a moon , and provides the even more the newest detailed data , and includes the stock all-up weight of 12 months and builds the data of spending as well as economic trade The banner : . comments gently to spin the long big breed neck of fine cloth four of city to rise the market content : Gently was spun 03 day ( Thursday ) in the city in China , and the air temperature looks some heat , but clearly has difference on last year 03 day that day the of " heat wave is rolling and burning " . bed in a bag sets

    That day comes and goes that it is also many in last year gently to spin the northern and southern customer of city in China , and foreign merchant that You Yixin increases clearlyer than the last year sees more , and during market overall cloth is swallowed and spitted steadyly having rising , sale price is still given first place to with stable The long fine cloth market Fdy and half light Poy's knitting " brush Mao Rong " is struck a bargain had the small width of cloth to push the height than the previous day again , and the sun strikes a bargain big many in the last corresponding period on that day Various kind of " window curtain cloth " /"'s window screening that Fdy and Dty give first place to " keeps the previous day quantity sold basically . The last corresponding period is compared , the long fine " window curtain cloth " /"'s window screening of this year " the quantity sold is also many in last year That day , designer comforters

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