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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-17 17:19:00
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    sword dragon and with the pure bracketing eight bit
    participates in work in 1974 12 months to the university record of formal schooling to man the Han nationality The major experience : 1974.12~1978.1 staff and workers on school leavers farm are economized in Anhui 1978.1~1981.12 the Anhui university chemistry is tied student The factory dyes the whole workshop staff and workers and the workshop is vice 1982.1~1992.1 first wool spinning in the Anhui is weaved Director , factory dispatcher's office director and vice factory director 1992.1~1998.3 Hainan Zhujiang River industry and commerce share limited company develops investment ministry manager and general manager assistant and assistant manager 1998.3~2002.7 Shanghai share limited company assistant manager Hua Yuan 2002.7~2007.10 Shanghai share limited company day-to-day business assistant manager Hua Yuan and general manager Four temporal conference considerations of shareholder's 2007 Nian Di in the corporation will be submitted.comforter sets

    to in this proposal Shanghai Hua Yuan share limited company Supervisor's meeting In 2007 10 months 24 days banner : Forging seat of honour man spins the square and converges that the first batch brand man spins to strike a pose on the stage the content in the four seasons : Luo Laijia spins to show the auspicious beautiful family of hall to spin to show the hall to converge in the four seasons the international brand man to spin the big-and-middle China business area , and is spun in the brand exhibition trade demonstration base in the China man , and spins and purchase the base in the man in China and foreign countries wineshop , and with the whole world eye , carries 13 extensive macro aspects of all places capacity , and inclines energetically to forge that chief brand man of China spins the square ! In 2008 7 months 12 days more than at 9 o'clocks , accompanying to thunder the lasting salvo sound , the four seasons were converged that the brand man spins the square and puts on display the area and has uncovered the veil in grand warm surrounding feeling in the China paulownia country . bed in a bag

    14 well-known brands that the trade was spun in the family are struck a pose on the stage at this splendid attire the exhibition area of this first batch open policy ( converges in the four seasons total building area of item is 130 thousand square metres , the investment total sum reaches 600 million yuan , and wild beating of gongs and drums ground is built middlely ) 3000 square metres near , in they are respectively believes in that the sun , grand and well-informed ocean of the Luo Lai and south sleeps that the decorations and E Er has more this and Wen ErSi Sheng Yu and triumphant Sheng Xiang's pavilion and bold and unconstrained Sheng Si gets the happiness and many Hua Rui are beautiful The banner : Four big brand Rong Deng's clothing are sold the first place content : Niu Zaifu : This becomes the biggest black horse to the real dimension In 2007 2 months ,bed sets

    the focal point in whole nation was large-scalely sold retail the enterprise and is sold 391.4 thousand of Niu Zaifu , and increases by 56.33% than the last year corresponding period . At the brand aspect row's name , the well-known brand superiority is as of old , the four-digit of preceding four brands before still occupying in this month to reside is respectively the wave pauses and impressive strength roc , flag plate king and LEE, except LEE , other all descend three brand market synthesis owning rates to some extent , and that four brands amount to gains market synthesis the owning rate of 28% . Really tieing up this item becomes the black horse the biggest in this month , and from goes up moon preceding ten outside moves upward to this month 5th , but despot lion gallops and Ban Nilu moves upward respectively to 6th and 7th . Duckweed fruit , bed in a bag sets

    sword dragon and with the pure bracketing eight bit to the ten's place , synthesis the owning rate in market is below 3% . Real tieing up these in preceding ten brands and with pure belongs to new to go up the list brand , but and red this month is failed in an entrance examination preceding ten with Pi Erka to last month row special this nation impressive strength of U.S.A in the preceding ten's place , market synthesis the owning rate of preceding ten brands amounts to for 45.43%, than last month slightly has . The women's clothing : Ai Geli presses ONLY to rise to the first place In 2007 2 months , the focal point in whole nation was large-scalely sold retail the enterprise and is sold 9120.4 thousand in women's clothing , and increased by 51.59% than the last corresponding period . At the brand row aspect , upward before four brands moons do not change in this month , and only change is Ai Geli presses ONLY's liter to the first place , and ONLY is forced to accept position the second , VEROMODA and ESPRIT's continuation gos up month row , designer comforters

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