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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-16 10:32:00
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    The hall has made the propaganda CD of back newly vivid
    the general trade occupies corresponding period Zhejiang economizes 72 % of the imports and exports trade total value . The middle new Zhejiang net banner : The Sichuan foreign trade is faced with three big challenge's contents such as textile trade rub etc : The Sichuan export enterprise participates in the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair with the part of province commercial affairs halls length Xie Kaihua pointed out that the textile trade rubs and export drawback policy adjustment and green ramparts of international agricultural products are the three big challenges that the Sichuan foreign trade at present export is faced with when having an informal discussion today . The textile always is the Sichuan export maxterm , and the current Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair is the first occasion Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair after the textile quota is cancelled , but the information before the meeting delivered but lets person can be optimistic . The American government accepted in last end and 13 sets up that the limit applies for to my textile , comforter sets

    and started to my three kinds of special restriction measure programs of clothing such as cotton system knitting shirt , cotton system trousers , cotton and chemical fiber system underwear etc by self again on this year 4 months 4th . That the European Free Trade Association also starts enters port monitoring system to the China textile , and especially placed restrictions on the measure action guide in 4 months 6 days by way of the China textile . Since the this year , in the new export drawback policy adjustment of nation , having adopted the restriction consuming energy the measure of product export , some products are cancelled the export drawback , and some products still will be levied the export tariff . And near two years , it is very good that products such as chemical fertilizer and electrolysis aluminium etc the export of Sichuan increases impetus , and receiving the drawback policy to adjust the influence , the export probably can appear the glide slope station . bed in a bag

    In addition , to China pork " Guan Ling " of countries such as Russia etc still unfinishedly cancels entirely , and the Sichuan agriculture by-product that takes pork as representative is obstructed in the green rampart of international market , and influences the Sichuan agriculture by-product export scope enlarging further The banner : " Sichuan - Europe economical trade activity week " is gained the rich achievements content : Enlargement " Sichuan the makes " product is exported , and the back Sichuan of exhibition calamity is newly vivid , according to requirement and the deployment of Sichuan province government , has developed in the Sichuan province commercial affairs hall in 7 months 21 days - organized that clothing and shoes industry two greatly 56 enterprises of trade go to the Italy in 8 months 4 days , Spain and French " the Sichuan - Europe economical trade moves about week " the economical trade activity , this is the earthquake offspring Sichuan economizes outside open-minded first border the large-scale economical trade activity . bed sets

    This activity laying stress on and will conduct propaganda and promote sales and trade and investment , export and import , superiority product and objective market and the product grinds with person of ability cultivating each other the combination , and the movable content is solid and influences greatly and effect and is good , has stablized old customer , and has opened up the new market , to sets up calamity offspring Sichuan good image and pushes on to cooperate Ou's economical trade to act positive act on The delegation excluded during catches hold of that the various chances conduct propaganda Sichuan , investigation market and know customer , and pushes on cooperating , and has gained the better effect ( one ) set up after the calamity the new image of Sichuan . The delegation is in every place , and rebuilding planning and Shang Ji after the positive propaganda Sichuan calamity , the propaganda Sichuan economy society develops circumstances and superiority , no doubt telling the overseas friend earth to shake to lose very greatly , bed in a bag sets

    but Sichuan still possesses the solid foundation of development and the huge latent capacity , " Sichuan is still beautiful , gives birth to Shang Ji " everywhere . The hall has made the propaganda CD of back newly vivid and industrial superiority of Sichuan calamity , field playback , the propaganda of my the province superiority trade of introduction printed the system , characteristic enterprise and product copy , a trade seed a visitor out . The high concern is rolled into a ball to the economical trade that comes from the Sichuan disaster area in the various places , and every place of activity and delegation are in every place , and has all formed " Sichuan heat " . Newspaper and more inferior flat would rather posted within the four seas newspaper , Ou Huabao , divides organized body of the Xinhua News Agency Italy and international Shang Bao Sichuan daily paper and West China big city newspaper etc outer the medium has been in progress the report to " the Sichuan - Europe economical trade is moved about allly " and my province circumstances when not not adding Luo Bao Milan . designer comforters

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