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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-16 10:31:00
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    300000000 dollars , and increases respectively 28
    distribution of place and planning in spite of being only the model , lets experts be on the scoop , and being nodded to praise the one row of building that row is in good order . Soon afterwards , experts arrive again the building site practice investigation personally . The four seasons converge higher level than to the blueprint , and detailedly serve as the experts to introduce the implementation circumstances of building site . As one of emphatic engineering of paulownia country city , converging that the item always building area is 130 thousand square metres in the four seasons , the investment total sum reaches 600 million yuan to rely on understanding , possesses two areas huge market building and fine works shops , and the necessary installation such as outfit wineshop , food drinks , amusement , commercial affairs and meeting exhibition etc , design the nothing is not embodying recurrence sense and fashion feels the combination . The hardware design that the president of an association converges the expression four seasons all has port , comforter sets

    convenient purchase person , design layout human natureization at three building parking lots and first layer of periphery , and satisfies requirement of customer's . And appreciate Hong Kong corporation to the design of the hardware . The president of an association asked once and why Hong Kong corporation invests this item in the paulownia country in the investigation course . Item chief inspector Mr. Li Daren answers , converges in the four seasons for the satisfied wholesale to sell retail simultaneously generally reads , converging in the four seasons to answer fall one to haveing transport facilities , the daily life of a family the person who arrives the place ( namelys Hangzhou airport and Shanghai airport ) is bought in the wholesale , and these places and is the fairly advanced district of continent , the people live prosperously . Finally , the paulownia is selected in Hong Kong head impressive strength enterprise because the seat in paulownia country falls at the long triangle that it overturns ground , bed in a bag

    apart from the Hangzhou airport simple 35 minutes , apart from the Shanghai airport simple 1.5 hours , and the long triangle is the advanced district of China economy , periphery spins industrially collections crowd . By way of on the spot inspecting , expert shows one after another , and along with the life character is raised increasingly , to spin the trade is not single knight-errant's style again in the family , and it will follow closely international popular trend , and the food in wineshop is drunk even is travels the trade closely mixs together the development . The specialty reason that relies on the first-in converged in the four seasons is read , and the unity of enterprise member is fought the extensive market research the ample capital and property investment , bed sets

    and can become Frankfort that span in the China man calmly . The president of an association and expression can be studied to the item converging that his association member explains the four seasons The banner : Zhejiang province realizes many hundred million dollars of contents of foreign trade imports and exports 4000 : Reporter newly learned from the NingBo customhouse , and China " enters WTO " 5 year middle new Zhejiang net 1 month 14 days electricity ( Chen Xiaohua Bai Linmiao ) on January 13rd , and the big Zhejiang province foreign trade imports and exports economized of foreign trade continuously keep at a high speed developing impetus , and 5 years added up realizing 449600000000 dollars of imports and exports total value foreign trade , and adds up realizing 169800000000 dollars of foreign trade favourable balance . 2 00 2 Nian Zhi after " entering WTO " is 2 years , and that in year of imports and exports total value is economized in Zhejiang serve as respectively 424 . 900000000 dollars , 625 . 100000000 dollars , bed in a bag sets

    872 . 500000000 dollars and 1001 a hundred or so 300000000 dollars and at 1463 300000000 dollars , and increases respectively 28 . of 2 and hundred 47 . of 1 and hundred 39 . of 6 and hundred 27 . of 3 and three % National day points of eight . Among them , should economize adding up at 3097 300000000 dollars of export , and add up entering port 139800000000 dollars . 5 years , investment in foreign merchant's enterprise and state-owned enterprise occupied 63 . 3 % of the Zhejiang foreign trade imports and exports total value to six % National day the point five of mechanical and electrical product and textile clothing imports and exports occupations Zhejiang foreign trade imports and exports total value to preceding three first of the ten Heavenly Stemss of the European Free Trade Association , United States and Japan catena Zhejiang province imports and exports markets ,designer comforters

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