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bedsets1 (bedsets1) wrote,
@ 2012-08-15 10:23:00
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    The series activities such as they have still organized
    two days are back to the medium positively bargaining by way of law way and correlation , " pendulum Wu Long " certain medium of Chongqing at the front page catchs the eye the seat prints out corrects the notice , when sending apology greatly length face reports rich Anna , has promptly eliminated the influence of inconsistent with the facts news , and makes rich Anna gain trusting of local consumer . Meanwhile , rich Anna in near 100 gate familys Web Sites of more than 30 province and citys in the whole nation issues urgently and states , and stress that " Fu Anya " product in Beijing is moved back the city to have nothing to do with with the rich Anna of Shenzhen , and submits to consumer when the product is spun in the purchase stay idle at home man , and certainly will see clearly the brand trademark of regular companies , and will see with material , composition as well as whether or not to have serious harm etc to human body health clearly . comforter sets

    Also or how being closed to the famous brand breaks the law that too low rich Anna person in charge of cost and concerned person in charge of guild show , though the crisis public relations lets the enterprise rushed that these should not some difficulties , the sale having given rise to during takeing the blame is lost and can not retrieved what's done can't be undone , takes great pains to build up the enterprises of 10 remaining years and brand reputation or seldom to have suffered the influence . Spins the concerned person in charge of guild and points out in the city man , and the inferior money drives Liang Bi , and if can not better and stronglylyer hit is closed to the famous brand and is closed to this kind of action tycoon , can connive not that just when competing , harassing the market order , regular brand and whole trade all will suffer the great influence . More has law expert to indicate , " Fu Anya " is suspected of being involed not just when competing , bed in a bag

    has offended two laws at least : Being << trademark law >> regulation , and not engaging in trade the mark approval of person , and use identically on same kind of commodity or similar commodity , and forms invading power or the approximate quotient is marked Secondly << turning over not just when the competition law >> is stipulated , and the management person can not use the name approximate with the well-known commodity and the packing and the decoration , and creates each other obscuring with the well-known commodity , and to make purchase person think is these well-known commodity by mistake . China University of Political Science and Law vice head of an institute of intellectual property research institute perimeter associate professor Ling thinks , and the punishment dynamics that at present << turning over not just when the competition law >> is closed to the famous brand action to this kind are very limited , bed sets

    and makes the vacation or invades others' trademark of power use relatively with directly , and the breaking the law cost obviously being closed to the famous brand action is opposite to each other lowlyer The banner : Four cottons in Zhengzhou Zheng Yanhui has the honour to get the outstanding title content : The political work research of Zhengzhou limited duty corporatioies of four cottons staff and workers' thought can be conferred " political work research meeting of outstanding thought of Zhengzhou city " title by the political work research of Zhengzhou city thought the other day . Four cotton corporatioies Zheng Yanhui lays stress on round the enterprise to produce and manages , and Xie Yishi is puzzled , and explains and publicises the situation policy , and keeps staff and workers' mentality smooth and steady to the hot spot focal point problem of collection staff and workers concern to the thought investigation that to develop thoroughly careful with shooting the arrow at the target . bed in a bag sets

    The series activities such as they have still organized to found a state the 55 anniversaries large-scale series activity open-minded and greets May lst activity week etc have been promoted four popularity and the society influences of cotton corporation , and have effectively been condensed person's gas , and for the enterprise have constructed planning matters the good atmosphere accomplishing the things The banner : The point is commented gently spinning city May lst 4th day the striking a bargain capacity content : On ( Thursday ) 4th day in gold week on city May lst is gently spun in China , and the customer being on the scene has than the previous day aer little while to be seen more , and the overall flow of passengers is the person who measures to occupy the maximal flow to measure more than 45% before . The off-the-shelf in market half amasss surplusly closely , and near half imports to compress , and that the off-the-shelf strikes a bargain and the incoming telegram according to the single shot to send is compared the previous day to have the increase again , designer comforters

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